View Full Version : Tell me which qb in this league limps

10-10-2006, 09:58 AM
Tell me which qb limps other than culpepper. All you bashers are ******ed to see a qb who is a scrambling roll out type limping and saying he sucks. Im so happy saban is putting in joey, who was a 1st round pick and can get it done so Daunte can become the player he used to be. And if Culpeppers success was because of Moss, tell me why he was so good in college and why he threw 30 tds that werent to moss in 2004 when moss was out for 4 games and limping the other 3?? Even Randy said DC wasnt a product of him but they both fed off each other. Saying Dc was a product of Randy is like saying Peyton is a product of Marvin and Reggie Wayne, Terry Bradshaw was a product of lynn swann and john stallworth, Montana was a product of Taylor and Rice and that John Elway was a product of Rod Smith.

And the weapons in Miami are better than what he had in minny.

Chambers less than Moss
Booker better than Burleson
Hagan less than Marcus Robinson
Welker better than Campbell
Mcmichael better than Wiggins
Pelle better than Kleinsasser
Ronnie Brown Better than Benett or Onterrio Smith

Chris Chambers is still an elite receiver, he can outrun almost any corner in the league has great hands, the best vertical ive seen for a 5'11 guy.