View Full Version : Actress Wendy Raquel Robinson Interview Talks New Football CW TV Show The Game

Chris Yandek
10-22-2006, 02:03 PM
Hey guys. My latest interview is with actress Wendy Raquel Robinson. We talked about her staring role on the new CW TV series The Game, her mother and sports manager character Tasha Mack, working with Tia Mowry, the shows female perspective of football, her six years on The Steve Harvey Show as Principal Regina Greer, her Amazing Grace Conservatory, and so much more in a revealing interview from a multi talented performer.

You can read and listen at the link below

http://www.thesportsinterview.com/wendy_robinson.htm (http://www.thesportsinterview.com/wendy_robinson.htm)

All feedback is appreciated.