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10-25-2006, 08:28 PM
Okay.....we all know Sacha Baron Cohen from The Ali G Show...:lol: But what do you think of his new movie?

It looks very very funny, with his stereotypes of Khazacstanian men and the way he plays on the stupidity of Americans...:rolleyes:

Who's gonna see the movie..I know I am:sidelol:

10-25-2006, 08:37 PM
ive never seen him before, but his movie looks funny. I love the part in the commercial where he says the people would like the 2 wives, but then not the 3rd one. I laugh everytime i see that on the commercial

10-25-2006, 08:39 PM
The movie looks great, and it's getting good reviews so far

10-25-2006, 08:40 PM
The movie looks great, and it's getting good reviews so far

Yea....from everybody but the people of Kazechstahn...(however u spell it)........they want him to come to their country for a week to see how it is really like:lol:

10-25-2006, 08:41 PM
F.Y.I.....he also played Jean Girard in Talladega Nights:The Ballad of Ricky Bobby...............(he was the French dude):D

10-26-2006, 10:02 AM
The promo had me laughing, so I'll most likely check this one out.

10-26-2006, 10:10 AM
Kazak h stan

just like it sounds, but add an h in the middle. It's how I taught myself to a spell it. 1) I'm the biggest Sasha Cohen fan on the planet. He is a demi-god.
2) I date a girl, from yup you guessed it, Kazakhstan. She is number #6 prostitute there.

So, without further adieu, I give you Borat:

It remains to be seen whether the American public will be as enthusiastic about "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan (http://movies.msn.com/movies/movie.aspx?m=2069153)" as the press who have seen the movie (http://movies.msn.com/movies/hitlist/9-19-06_4) are. But that hasn't stopped 'Borat'-creator Sacha Baron Cohen (http://movies.msn.com/celebs/celeb.aspx?c=370936) from continuing his mammoth press tour in character, which recently included hand-delivering an invitation for the premiere at the White House gates for President Bush. His latest stop was a much more dangerous proposition -- the Hollywood press corps. As usual, Borat stole the show.

On His Hobbies
"My hobbies is disco dance, table tennis and also taking photographs of ladies doing toilet without their knowledge. Why not? They do not know."

On His Family
"I have three children: Balak, Balaam and Huey Lewis. Balak who is 13 has American pen friend called Mr. Foley. He say, 'Meet in hotel room.' My sister make my family very proud by being No. 4 prostitute in all of Kazakhstan. She recently received award from Kazakh Minister of Industry for best sexy mouth. I also who have a brother named Bilo. He is a ****** with small head but very small arms. He has 204 teeth, 201 in mouth and three in nose. My first wife is dead. High five!"

His Thoughts on President Bush
"We in Kazakhstan very much admire your mighty warlord George Walker Bush. He is a very wise man and also a strong man. But, perhaps not as strong as his father, Barbara."

Who Borat Would Like to Meet in Hollywood
"I would most like to meet some of your new Hollywood starlets. In particular, Elizabeth Taylor (http://movies.msn.com/celebs/celeb.aspx?c=260266). I would also like to meet fearless anti-Jewish warrior Melvin Gibson (http://movies.msn.com/celebs/celeb.aspx?c=19328). We in Kazakhstan agree with his comments that the Jews have started all wars, and we also have proof that they were responsible for killing off all the dinosaurs. Also, Hurricane Katrina. They did it. It's a long story."

On His Favorite Movies
"In Kazakhstan, we are huge fannies of U. S. of A. movies. And we have shown this by manufacturing pirate DVDs of many of them. We like movies of funny man Edward Murphy (http://movies.msn.com/celebs/celeb.aspx?c=38572). We in Kazakhstan laugh very much when we see his chocolate face, ya? It is unusual. The color! Other American films we like are 'Robocop (http://movies.msn.com/movies/movie.aspx?m=41541),' 'Titanic (http://movies.msn.com/movies/movie.aspx?m=478792)' and the sex comedy 'The Accused (http://movies.msn.com/movies/movie.aspx?m=86949).'"

Can We Expect More Movies Featuring Borat?
"I, eh, not sure exactly when I will next make a movie film, because for the next 18 months my country's camera is fully booked for make other television shows. This includes programs such as 'Kazakhstan's Next Top Prostitute' and the comedy about the person who waited very late in his life to have 'sexy time.' It's called 'The 4-year-old Virgin.' Almost 5 and he never make out!"

On Becoming a MySpace Fixture
"I must say I am the second Kazakh man ever on MySpaces. The first was the minister of agriculture, Morat Sukeyev, but his page was taking down because of a sex crime. It is no problem. He is now posing as 'JohnnyTexas,' age 11. He has already received 200 messages from your Mr. Foley."