View Full Version : The mystery of Hollis Price..

11-02-2006, 05:07 AM
Okay, this is something I've been baffeled about for the longest time..

For four years I idolized this guy..


Hollis Price.

Dude was amazing. Electrifying. All the rest...he was 2nd team all-american as a senior, 1st team all american by SportingNews and Big 12 Player of the year as a senior. I remember a lot of people were talking about him as a top 10 pick and almost a sure first rounder...

and then...

....Hollis wasn't drafted. Wasn't picked up. And for the best of me, the dude just vanished. I scowered the 'net for hours after that draft trying to find a word....any word about what the hell happened to him. I couldn't find a thing and never have..

So basically in short, does anyone know wtf happened to Hollis Price?