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11-03-2006, 12:08 AM
A drug cocktail that backers say is the first effective treatment for methamphetamine and cocaine addiction is dividing substance abuse experts into two hostile camps — those who say they have seen it work wonders and those who say it has been rushed to market without any scientific testing.

The strident debate over the "Prometa protocol," manufactured by the Hythiam Corp., is complicated by the checkered Wall Street career of the company's CEO, Terren Peizer, who previously championed an anti-AIDS drug that has yet to make it to market.

Hythiam, which is based in Los Angeles, launched Prometa in 2003 in private clinics, where meth and cocaine addicts, as well as alcohol abusers, pay $12,000 to $15,000 for a one-month outpatient treatment.

Now the company is aggressively pushing Prometa for the mass market, and asking governments and insurers to foot the bill. Already, four county and municipal programs have launched pilot programs and are offering powerful testimonials for the treatment.

The company has a huge receptive potential customer base in health and law enforcement officials in countless small communities that have been broadsided by the costly and seemingly intractable meth and "crack" cocaine epidemics. And it has big ambitions in this grim landscape.

“We believe strongly that one day Prometa will be a standard of care, and should be available to everyone,” Peizer said.

But critics note that the field of addiction treatment is littered with "miracle cures" that ultimately failed or, in a few cases, caused harm to test subjects. And they warn that Prometa has never been subjected to double-blind, placebo-controlled testing — the gold standard for determining whether therapies are safe and effective.


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Hopefully this thing works because it is about time the streets were cleaned up...:shakeno:

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Hopefully this thing works because it is about time the streets were cleaned up...:shakeno:

far more effective:


although I'll do my part to keep our beaches clean:


:shakeno: indeed

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i am always against drugs being pushed on the public without testing. We lab guys need the work, stop stealing out livelyhoods.

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