View Full Version : Former ESPN Analyst Sues Network over "Brief Hug"

11-09-2006, 08:06 PM
ESPN is being sued by former Baseball Tonight lead analyst Harold Reynolds for “wrongful termination”. Reynolds, who is a former Major League All-Star, was fired for allegedly harrasing a female intern.

Former ESPN Baseball Tonight analyst Harold Reynolds is suing his former employer for breach of contract after he was allegedly fired for hugging a female intern. Reynolds, 45, learned of his termination by way of a hand delivered letter from ESPN in late July.

Reynolds said that he tried to handle the matter privately, but was forced to go public with the lawsuit after ESPN refused to provide him with specific details behind the termination.

According to court documents, Reynolds gave a “brief and innocuous hug” to a female intern sometime in July 2006. The intern, at that time, never expressed any discomfort.

In fact, published reports state that the two had dinner at a Boston Market restaurant later that same evening.

In March 2006 Reynolds signed a new six-year deal with ESPN. His new agreement stated that he could only be fired for “failure to perform”, which required “intentional or continual activities”. Reynolds maintains that he did nothing wrong and clearing his name remains his top priority. He is seeking $5 million in damages.

Harold Reynolds is a former Major League Baseball all-star who is best remembered for his outstanding defense and switch hitting. A former 1980 first round draft pick of the Seattle Mariners, Reynolds led Major League Baseball with 60 stolen bases in 1987 and is credited with three Golden Glove awards during his 14 year pro career.