View Full Version : Vick vents frustration over Atlanta's woes

11-14-2006, 12:36 AM
Michael Vick is getting a little defensive about his sloppy play. So are the Atlanta Falcons.

While saying that he takes “sole responsibility” for his team’s offensive problems, Vick seemed to call out others after a dismal 17-13 loss to the Cleveland Browns, which came on the heels of an equally disappointing setback at Detroit.

In those two games, the Falcons quarterback committed six turnovers. The four interceptions were bad enough, but he also had two fumbles that occurred without any contact from the defense, largely because the speedy quarterback was carrying the ball with one hand rather than tucking it in a more secure position.

After Sunday’s loss to the Browns, Vick was just as upset about a holding penalty on Eric Beverly and the decision by offensive coordinator Greg Knapp to run a quarterback draw the Cleveland defense apparently knew was coming.

“If you want to say it was my fault for losing the game, go ahead and say it,” Vick said. “But I know what I feel, and on the inside I know what I know. It never should have even come to that point.”

Against the Browns, he completed a 55-yard pass to Roddy White that had the Falcons in position to pull out the win in the final minutes. Then, Vick stumbled while trying to get outside on a run, lost the ball when it struck his left knee, and watched in dismay as the Browns recovered to seal the upset win.