View Full Version : Scouting report?

11-16-2006, 02:22 AM
Can anyone find a scouting report on Michigan Wolverines rb Mike Hart. It has nothing to do with Miami, since Miami does not need a rb. But I think the player is a junior, meaning he could go into the NFL draft if he wanted to. He's a local kid, that is the only person I can recall that will be an NFL player. He didn't play on my highschool team, but he played at Onondaga Central, in Syracuse, which fairly close to where I live. And I was wondering how scouts measure him up. He was a phenominal higschool rb, obviously, thus playing for a top division 1 team like Michigan, and has broke record his rookie year and has racked up yards and been a good part of the Wolverines success.

The one thing as far as negatives that would probably be listed is his weight, because from watching some college football, he's like 195, which for the NFL, might make him be a third down back or scat back. But who know, there have been small starting rbs that have done well. Look at Warrick Dunn, and Deangelo Williams is part of the Panters rb crew. I have looked, but I couldn't find any that I didn't have to register for. If you could find a site for me that would be cool, or tell me what site I could go to.