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11-16-2006, 12:27 PM
Has anyone else seen this show (Discovery Channel)? I DVRed it to check it out and just watched it. This guy is a total joke IMO. Now granted, I am no survivalist. The extent of my wilderness experience is camping out on surf trips in more remote areas, or family camping trips when I was younger. However, it doesn't take crazy survival training to see that what this guy does in the show is just NOT a good idea.

The episode I watched was where he is in the Utah desert. He does all sorts of risky thuings like jumping from high ledges and doing cool "ninja rolls" when he hits the ground, scaling super high canyon walls like Spiderman as he is soaking wet and the rock is slippery, swimming through a LONG, deep "pool" of FREEZING water that goes between two REALLY high canyon walls after just telling us he can't drink the water because it's standing water and there are dead animals in it (cut to shot of dead squirrel in water) so even a drop of it could be deadly. Also, in that same swim he comes to a "dam" in the water where a bunch of branches and stuff have stacked up. What does he do? Swims UNDER it to get to the other side, while not knowing how long the debris goes for, or what is under it. Again, this is all in the "highly diseased" water he just got finished saying he can't drink from because it will kill him, but he can swim through it? Swimming through MIGHT be explainable because you aren't getting it in your body, but then swimming under water for a long period of time?!? He opens his eyes, so the deadly water and any diseases can enter that way, not to mention his ears and nose, and when he surfaces and opens his mouth he is spitting water out :rolleyes2

Then he comes to a rushing river and says "you should never swim across these because they are fast moving, even if they look calm, and you will get sucked downstream faster than you think and could drown", but then he sees a windmill so he thinks there are people so he decides to swim across the wide, fast-moving river anyway :confused:

The whole thing seems liek an over-the-top staged show. He isn't like "Survivorman", where Les Stroud gets dropped into the place and he is alone, and does all the camera work himself, and only has one random item and has to survive 7 days. This guy has a full camera crew, which right off the bat makes anything he does hard to believe, because ti seems staged even though he PRETENDS like he is really stuck out there, and the whole premise of the show is that he is stranded and he is surviving. Also, he has the proper clothing and tools (like a huge special forces knife), plus canteens of water. IDK, the whole thing just seems staged to me, and not believable like Survivorman is.

Also, the things he teaches would be DANGEROUS to someone really trying to survive, unlike Survivorman, who teaches you the common sense and easy stuff along with a lot of tricks people don't know. This guy just teaches you to jump off high things, scale super high walls with the "chimeny climbing" method, and to swim through possibly diseased and deadly water, etc etc. The message board on his Discovery Channel website says that in the first show he ran full speed down a steep hill and JUMPED OFF A 60 FOOT CLIFF into and ice cold rushing river "to avoid a bear" (there was no bear, just tracks). Now how is that safe? How is ANY of it safe? Telling people to jump off 60 foot cliffs into a freezing, rushing river (especially when you don't know how deep it is) to avoid a bear when there are other ways? Having peopl;e swim long distances in ice cold, diseased, standing water, and then swimming UNDER a blockage for god knows how long, and then when you hit a dead end using the "chimeny method" to scale the slick rock while you are soaked? Not to mention the fact that all of that is a bad idea to begin with, but what about the fact that people will be exhausted and, in the desert, probably be close to dehydration and be all weak and tired, so how would they have the STRENGTH to do any of this stuff? I hope people don't take this is a learning experience and then try to use this "information" should they ever find themselves in these positions, because they will most-likely die. :shakeno:

11-16-2006, 01:34 PM
Survivorman was better and tougher. If I am ever lost out in the woods I am done for. :boohoo:

11-16-2006, 03:52 PM
Survivorman was better and tougher. If I am ever lost out in the woods I am done for. :boohoo:

Survivorman is awesome, is he still on? I know his show airs on the Science Channel AND Discovery, but which network is he actually listed as being on? Like when the new shows come out, are the on the Science Channel then the repeates run on Discovery, or is it the other way around? Either way, I hope he has more shows, although I don't know where else he can go to survive, he's already done all the places as far as I've seen.

11-16-2006, 04:15 PM
I've seen the most recent episode. Pretty interesting and entertaining stuff, however I perfer Survivorman as well...