View Full Version : Los Angeles and Orange County poker players...

Spray Mucus
11-20-2006, 06:13 PM
Hey guys,

For those who are interested, this Wednesday (11-22) I'll be having a game Texas NL at my place in Orange, CA. I'll be inviting people from my Tuesday and Thursday night games, so depending on how many RSVP, will determine how many new people I'm looking for (we have 3 tables, 8 per table = 24 people max), I'm betting we'll have room for at least 6-10 new people...

game goes as followed

$5 min $20 max per buy in
Blinds will be set at $0.10 little $0.20 big
start time 8pm end 1am...

shoot me a PM if your interested, and since we are fin fans we can take down some of my friends who are Raider and Charger fans!