View Full Version : Let's get rockin

11-25-2006, 11:56 AM
These next 2 games are VERY important and the team will need it's 12th man (especially without Ronnie). IF we get out of these 2 game w/ a win we have a legitimate (sp?) shot at the playoffs. Dolphins stadium NEEDS to be ROCKIN for these games. Let's put the Jags/pats into silent counts and hopefully get some false starts, and some confused players cause they can't hear the audibles.

So I'm putting it to you season ticket holders and area fans, please fill up the joint and support your team. And for those with tickets that have "something better to do" on game day or just simply can't make it for some reason or another. I will gladly take your tickets and fly from the Pittsburgh area to fill in for you cheering for the fins.