View Full Version : 2007/08 Season Tickets Offer

A Wing Pilot
11-28-2006, 03:49 PM
This upcoming year is going to be tough financial wise for me. I am looking to split my season tickets (2 seats). You get 5 games (1 preseason of your choice) and I get 5 games. You will have 2 AFCE games and I will take the third. Aside from that we will try to split everything evenly. Currently I am sitting in 445 row 19 seats 1 & 2 (19 yard line home side upstairs) I am actively trying to get seats downstairs sideline in which the same scenario above would be implemented.

Last year the tickets and parking came to about $1500 ( $750 for half) If your interested please let me know. If you want my tickets for a year I will let you have them and pay your parking for you ($170 for parking so your cost this year would have been $1330)