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12-13-2006, 08:47 PM
Week 15
Last Week 9-7 Year 122-86

49ers at Seahawks...The Seahawks are the dominate team in this division which is like saying a Volkswagon is dominate among tricycles...Seahawks 35-17
Cowboys at Falcons...Everytime the boys seem to make a move someone pulls the rug out from underneath them...Cowboys 23-16
Browns at Ravens...One of these days I might have something nice to say about the Browns, one of these days...Ravens 33-10
Lions at Packers...I wonder if Detroit would have a better chance in the CFL...Packers 38-30
Texans at Patriots...Brady is still seeing Dolphins in his face during his sleep...Patriots 17-3
Jaguars at Titans...Both teams are red hot but Vince Youngs magic has to end sometime...Jaguars 24-23
Dolphins at Bills...J P Losman would be picking grass out of his teeth if they were playing on natural surface so I guess He'll be picking plastic and rubber out...Dolphins 20-0
Jets at Vikings...Jets has to be the worse 7-6 team ever!...Vikings 26-7
Steelers at Panthers...Both teams have about the same record but the Panthers still have a chance since they are in the NFC...Steelers 17-13
Buccaneers at Bears...Do they really need to play this game?...Bears 30-0
Redskins at Saints...OK I'm convinced, the Saints are good and the Redskins are bad...Saints 77-0
Broncos at Cardinals...The Broncos are ill so the Doctor orderd a steady dose of Cardinals..Broncos 35-17
Eagles at Giants...Havent these teams played like 10 times against each other this year? Or are they one and the same?...Giants 35-30
Rams at Raiders....Remember when the Raiders were feared? Now they look like an aging ole grumpy man who is blind in one eye...Rams 31-7
Chiefs at Chargers...Remember when the Chiefs lost to the Browns? Well they are still the same Chiefs...Chargers 48-10
Bengals at Colts...Both playoff contenders playing without a defense. Can you say good bye in the first round?...Colts 105-104

Shula Come Back!
12-13-2006, 10:16 PM
I like the Colts score:lol: