View Full Version : Super Bowl Commercial Contest Finalists

12-24-2006, 11:19 AM
I was watching NFL Network and they had a segment where they were revealing the finalists for that "design your own Super Bowl commercial" contest that the NFL is running. Did anyone else see this? It might be old news, lol, IDK if the show was a repeat or not (NFL Network DOES tend to replay the same 3 things over and over for 2 days at a time :lol:).

Anyway, I don't have video of it (haven't searched, it might be on YouTube or even the NFL site or something), but they basically showed each finalists pitch to the panel of judges. It was just the finalists up there describing and/or acting out their ideas, but there were some good ones.

My personal favorite was the guy who had the idea to have 5 guys sitting on a couch and the view is from the TV and you hear the announcer say that's the end of Super Bowl 41 then this really cheesy "sad to say goodbye" (or something like that, can't exactly remember, it's like 5am here, lol) song and a big slow-motion montage starts and you see one guy putting his foam finger back in the closet, another guy is in the shower washing off full body paint, another guy has a huge dog and it's paws are up on his shoulders and he's pulling of the dog's football jersey, another guy is at the bar and the bartender slides over the season-long bar tab which is like 8 THOUSAND dollars (:sidelol:) and then the final scene is a guy sitting on the couch crying and his wife calls from the other room "honey, are you crying?" then it fades to black and the slogan is "it's hard for us too" and then it ends. I'm probably doing a crappy job explaining, but watching the guy it was an awesome idea, I'd like to see it made.