View Full Version : Opening Champagne........WITH A SWORD!

01-02-2007, 02:16 PM
This is by FAR the coolest thing I have done in awhile. I have seen it done before, but people always use a chef's knife or one of those Champagne Saber things (basically a really fancy "mini" saber, a little bit bigger than a chef's knife). Well, for new years I decided I wanted to open a bottle of champagne like that, except I didn't have a Champagne Saber and I didn't want to use a boring chef's knife, so instead we used a KATANA witha 3 foot blade that my friend ordered from QVC oine night when he was drunk :lol:.

It was SO friggin cool. The top just EXPLODED off and the cork is stuck in the lip of the bottle. It was dark out so we couldn't find the cork, and still haven't found it (it HAS to be in the yard somewhere) but the top of the bottle looks sheered off, it was excellent. I can't wait to find the cork because it will have the glass lip still around it.

I had two people record it from two different angles so that I could post the video on here but both came out WAY too dark to see anything (they were recorded with digital cameras so there was no movie lights like on a camcorder). It sucks, but now that I know how to do it (that was the first time I ever attempted it) I will definately do it again and make a recording, because it looks SO friggin' cool, especially when using a NINJA SWORD instead of a stuped chef's knife :lol: :rocker: