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06-02-2003, 08:17 AM
How to fix the 3 worse teams

Can you fix the cardinals? well we can try. Why did you let miami pick up brian griese? are you slow? now your starter is josh mcknown which i really dont think will do to well. Heres a situation where you need receivers. Not many receivers are gonna be open come june 1st. looks like the cardinals are screwed for the year. Why did you let kwammie lassiter go? this team has a horrible front office and they should all be fired as simple as that.

This year the texans are set at WR they have andre johnson and jabre gaffney, if they pick up stokes he will be a nice 3rd receiver. The Texans better get that line pass blocking this year because thats all they can do is pass. On Defense they aren't looking to shabby. they have two decent corners, decent linebackers, decent line. So it looks like they will have a decent defense :). I really don't see them going anywheres yet again but remember its just their second year in the league.

well cuttin akili smith is a start. Can shane mathews really get the job done tho? i dont think so. They should hurry up and get Palmer in to starter status so he can taste what its like to be in the nfl. On offense this year they should just milk it with Dillion. Give him the ball at least 35 times a game and you should win a couple. The worst mistake the bengals made this offseason was realeasing Takeo Spikes. If they still had Spikes i would say they are pretty set at LB, but now they have Hardy. Hardy isn't that bad of a LB but hes no Takeo Spikes. I think the bengals will have to blitz alot this year to put pressure on the passer because of their horrible secondary. They should blitz hard at least 2 of every 5 plays. What do they have to lose? their the bengals.