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01-07-2007, 05:29 AM
I haven't posted in a while and my most recent purchase was Scarface for PS2. The only reason i'm compelled to include my opinion on this title is because of the simple fact that it really honestly did surprise me. I broke one of my own rules - never knock it before you try it.

My initial perception pre-launch was that this was set to be a low-budget, low-effort affair. The reason I believed so was that Sierra games is the developer. They are the same company that created:

"Hulk: Ultimate Destruction" - a game that did little more then combine past game concepts with the comic's trademark looks etc.

"Robots" (based on the children's movie) - no different than any game based on a child's movie - a 3D platformer that incorporates catch-phrases and power-ups that paralell coins for example.

"State of Emergency 2" - This game is the sequel to Rockstar's "State of Emergency" released way back when (close to PS2s launch). The game bombed and Rockstar sold the rights to Sierra - who then proceeded to duplicate the original in every way.

Scarface's saving grace would definitely have to be that Vivendi Universal worked closely with Sierra to ensure authenticity in terms of relating to the film. Vivendi Universal was responsible for "The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay" for XBOX - a FANTASTIC game.

Now as for the game itself - the graphics are great, even on PS2, the weapon targeting is by far the best in the "go anywhere do anything" genre and maybe in any third person action game. I compare it to grabbing someone by the neck while you punch them in the face with your other hand. I say this because L1 locks on the the enemy so you never lose sight of them - as if you've grabbed them by the throat, then R1 shoots and you can move the reticle ANYWHERE across the body with the right toggle - so you can swing your fist (bullet spray) anywhere on the body. If you want to hit a kidney you can, head shots and dismembering are both common, you can even get points for left nut or right nut. Good stuff.

Althought Al Pacino didn't voice Tony Montana in the game the man who did did an astonishing job. I then found out that Pacino hand picked the man who voiced Montana (I saw that the man worked on the set of Scarface during filiming but I can't remember his role). Sierra even nailed Tony's swagger - dead on. Another truly unique feature is the fact that you can go up to practically any person you see in the environment and have a long conversation about wierd topics - keep hitting "Circle" in response and you'll keep talking. You can also get Tony to say some off the wall comments when in the water or in the car for example. The method by which you launder money, sell drugs, intimidate gangs and smooth talk cops is worth mentioning. It is essentially described as "Tiger Woods" golf club swinging. Hold down circle then release it as close as possible to a full revolution to determine how effective it is. Mess up and the bank takes a larger amount of interest on your dirty cash or a gang isn't intimidated and will immediately attack you for encroaching. If you succeed they back down and walk away.

The bad would have to be the occassional monotony of the mission design. I also was disappointed that there are visible parts of Downtown Miami that you cannot actually go to. No real big deal though - there's plenty of ground to cover between Miami (mainland) and the surrounding Islands you can boat to.

If you can force yourself past the idea that there is no way Tony would have survived the attack in the film then, like me, you can actually begin to appreciate a solid effort here. Sierra/Vivendi has also created the best "South Beach" that I have seen in video games. "GTA: Vice City" and "DRIV3R" also took a shot at it but Scarface reigns supreme.

My final rating: 8 out of 10 cojones.

01-07-2007, 09:11 AM
I loved this game.

01-07-2007, 01:30 PM
yea agree games much better than i thought too.