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01-07-2007, 06:03 AM
I happened to have borrowed this title from my brother recently. While this game certainly gets an "A" for originality it leaves alot to be desired. I first noticed that the project was undertaken by one of Rockstar's many branches - this time by Rockstar Vancouver. It seems to be that this is Vancouver's very first independent project, sort of a test run. Unfortunately the problems begin immediately.

First - this would have best been titled "Grand Theft Elementary" because it simply adapts the concepts used in the GTA series to the world of childhood/teen issues. There exists the escort missions, the photography missions, the 'assassination' missions (you can't kill in this game but the idea is the same - eliminate a target as a threat) and you can also steal random vehicles (no cars, bikes only). Rockstar even included the in-game arcade games that you can find and play, these are little more than games adapted from past pioneers such as space invaders etc. There are also side efforts that are the equivalent of hidden packages, they are in the form of rubber bands, smashing lawn gnomes and finding cards that imitate "dungeons & dragons" - "grottos & gremlins" is their version. There are also bike races you can complete for money and respect (which you attempt to balance among the various groups that exist).

Instead of gangs, this game focuses on stereotypical groups such as, preps, jocks, nerds and greasers. The ultimate goal is to rule the school while teaching each group of bully's a lesson. Stink bombs, fire crackers and rotten eggs are you tools of destruction - hit a girl or little kid and you will be dealt a vicious hand by the schools prefects or city law enforcement (I'm guessing this is Rockstar's way of maintaining some moral fiber).

Now for the good. The carnival in this game provides some decent entertainment, you can view a freak show (where you can bet on midget wrestling), play the mallet-bell game, throw baseballs at targets and even race go-karts. You also must attend classes in which you will be counted truant for missing. The courses I actually found to be quite enjoyable. English for example provides six letters "TKESNO" then asks you to find as many words as possible in the time alotted. One solution would be "Tokens" and another "Set" or "Nest" get at least 70% of the words possible and you move to the next level.

The simple fact that "Bully" uses close to every element that exists in the GTA series doesn't automatically discount it as an enjoyable title. I'd just wait until it is in the $17 - $10 range. :lol: My ultimate issue with this game is that not one mission is difficult. Not one....in any way shape or form. To be worth more it would have to present more of a challenge.

My final rating: 7 out of 10 rubber bands.

01-07-2007, 01:29 PM
definetely think the game is a solid 8. great game, i think its meant not to be as hard as some of the missions were in gta.

games just alot of fun. graphics are also pretty solid for a ps2 game. story keeps you interested.

i think if you dont have any next gen systems this one is well worth the pick-up price