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01-12-2007, 11:02 PM
Due out this summer for the PC(Winter 360), Valve has something interesting lined up.

Left 4 Dead is a cooperative survivor horror game where four survivors must work together to escape a city teeming with an overwhelming number of the infected. If you work together, you have a chance. If you run off on your own, you will die.

The initial four campaigns of Left 4 Dead include both urban areas and rural areas, with lots of dense architecture and challenging landscapes. Each campaign also ends with an elaborate "finale" where the survivors must make a stand while waiting for a rescue vehicle to arrive and take them to apparent safety.
It's not just a typical coop either. Other than the 4 players that will fight as survivors up against hordes of undead, 4 other players can log in and fight as the undead themselves. Not just your average zombie either, they are 4 different undead bosses-the Hunter, the Boomer, the Smoker, and the Tank. Each with their own unique "mutation" giving them specific strengths.

The boomer can vomit blood on his victim, which attracts hordes of infected to this victim. The smoker, meanwhile, has a 50-foot tongue that can pull a survivor out of position or even leave them hanging.

But the infected cannot use items or fire weapons, and will die quickly if they blindly charge at the well-armed survivor group. That said, the infected are legion in number and when one dies, they spawn right back into the fray after a short time. The infected just keep coming.

As such, playing as an infected tends to be more of a "hide and seek" kind of thing. You want to position yourself to attack at the worst possible time for the survivors, lurking and stalking for a bit until you make your move. That is, unless you are the tank. Then you charge right in and cause massive chaos and mayhem--tossing cars into the air, smashing through concrete walls, that sort of thing.

The game is designed to allow human players to drop in and out without adversely affecting the experience or requiring the scenario to restart. We have also taken steps to maintain the survivor's game experience even with the presence of human-controlled infected. Although the infected can "win" by killing all of the survivors before they reach the finale and escape, it doesn't feel like a traditional competitive game--it still feels very cooperative from the survivor side.

Left 4 Dead was explicitly designed as an online cooperative survivor horror experience. I've been quite impressed with the Xbox 360 and its Xbox Live interface. Our game will be a perfect fit for it.

Allowing the PC and Xbox 360 versions of Left 4 Dead to play together is something we're still investigating.


01-13-2007, 12:14 AM
It looks intresting, and it reminds of the RE Outbreak games.

01-13-2007, 12:24 AM
It looks intresting, and it reminds of the RE Outbreak games.

Somewhat. Except it will be done using the source technology in a First Person perspective. One disappointing aspect of Outbreak, was that you had to die to play as the undead, and it was still not very fun when it did happen.

I really like the idea of each level culminating in an all out assault. That is going to make the online games quite entertaining.

01-13-2007, 08:20 AM
sounds like my computer will get a good work out this summer.