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01-22-2007, 10:55 AM
OK, guys, I know you were waiting w/ baited breath for this, so here goes. DolfanTom's thoughts on the new coach. Please keep your comments depths related. I expect nothing but foul-mouthed replies and crap spewing from the trolls. Here goes:

Overall, I like the hire. I'm not sure where it will end up when all is said and done, but I have to say, I am cautiously optimistic for the following reasons:

-He is clearly an offensive genious!! Everywhere this man has gone, QBs and offenses have succeeded. Everyone brings up his awful Indiana record. But think back to when Randel El was his QB. There were all kinds of Indiana offensive highlights on ESPN. I remember Randel El making all kinds of plays, even though I had no idea who the coach was. Fact is, nobody wins at Indiana, but at least Cam had that offense in full gear. Now see what he's done in SD. Yes, he's had great talent there - but he's maximized it!!!! It's one thing to have the tools, it's another to know how to use them. You can have the latest DeWALT tools in your gararge, but if you don't know how to use them, you shouldn't be building a house!! Cam, in a sense, is a master carpenter!!

-With that said, I think he's going to maximize whatever talent we have here on offense. Granted, I hope we can get more talent in here (that's Mueller's job) but I think whatever we have, Cam will put them in the best position to - as he says it - score!! Plus, he's now calling the plays. Heck, I think the '06 Dolphins are two-or-three better playcalls from being 8-8 IMO. Playcalling can be huge. Charlie Weiss was the master of this in NE, and notice how they haven't returned to the SB since he left! Cam is the master of this as well, and it can only be better around here.

-We already have a defense in place, and a great D Coordinator to boot. Yes, we're aging, but we've also got some young guys like Crowder, Roth and Daniels who are contributing more and more. Yes, we need some infusion of youth (you're on the clock Mueller), but you get the feeling Capers will keep that defense very competitive next year as Taylor and Thomas have at least one more good year left. After that, there may be a slight drop off, but I think Capers will keep the D in decent shape. Plus, we have him signed for three more years, and it appears his Head coaching days may be over.

-Cam doesn't have to pick the players by himself. He has Randy Mueller to do so. Mueller on his worst day is an average talent evaluator. On his best day, he's pulled off some gems. Point being, no matter what, he'll be better than we've had since JJ built our defense for years w/ a couple drafts in '96 and '97. There will be no more Eddie Moores, Jamar Fletchers picked in the first round here (not giving up on Jason Allen yet, but that pick seems a bit curious right now don't it!). I like the fact that we have a GM running the talent show! Parcells once said "How do you expect me to cook the meal if I'm not buying the groceries." Well Bill, in today's NFL, all the HC has time to do is cook! He needs an assistant to go to the store for him to do the shopping. If the Chef tries to do both, you end up w/ a sub-par meal. So - hopefully - Mueller will pick out some nice offensive groceries for Cam to cook up!

We have many holes to fill, no doubt, but I think we'll be competitive while rebuilding! I don't expect any real miracles next year, but I would like to see us still alive for the playoffs over the last four games. Not making any predictions whatsoever - other than I expect this team to be exciting for the first time in a while, win or lose!!

So I'm all for the Cameron hiring. I think if he can be the lead piece in a three-piece puzzle (Cameron-Capers-Mueller) w/out letting any egos get in the way, I see no reason why this can't be a successful coaching era for Cameron here in Miami.

The jury is now out for deliberation. Let's see what kind of verdict they deliver in the next couple years.

Go Fish!!! :dolphins::dolphins::dolphins: