View Full Version : Anyone know anything about EA ending its use of the "Madden" name?

01-22-2007, 09:11 PM
ok, so i remember hearing some rumors a while back once EA inked the exclusivity license with the NFL that they would probably end their use of the Madden name and switch to something like NFL 0?. then they signed madden to a multi-year contract, thing is i can only find confirmation online that they signed a multi-year deal, nothing about how long.

so anyone know anymore about this? its been about 2 years since that deal got signed and im wondering when EA is going to stop using madden. multi-year implies 3-5 years in my mind (anything like 5-7 is usually described as 'long-term' w/ contracts)

there is a worse aspect to this question too, i remember hearing one of EAs primary concerns was that if Madden dies mid-contract they would have to pay royalties to his estate.

anyways curious to see if anyone knows anything about this at all or if its just rumors