View Full Version : Luther Campbell Interview on 790...

01-23-2007, 06:21 PM
This had to be the fuinniest thing I have ever heard...

here are some direct quotes:

"The Dolphins don't like black people."

"The Hurricanes got to put me back on the payroll..and we will win national championships."

"Nick Saban is giving drugs to parents to get players to come to alabama."

"me and marty Schottenhemier are boyz...."

"Marty's wife runs the chargers..."

"I was drinking at halftime with Marty Schottenhemier..and he told me that Nick Lowry needed to get drunk at halftime every game."

"Marty has like 4 or 5 drinks at halftime."

"Jason Taylor doesn;t like black women..neither does Charles barkley..."

"Jason Taylor is the best "oreo" athlete of all time."

"I never bought any athletes for the U....I can get the recruits...send me out there and lets win 4 more championships."

This was the greatest sports interview of all-time.