View Full Version : Colts/Bears keys to victory

Metal Panda
02-03-2007, 09:15 AM
The following are what I see are the keys to victory for both teams:


Run the no huddle often and early. Prevent the Bears from substituting and make them play from behind. If they have to abandon the run, Rex will throw more and be more prone to mistakes.

Finish drives--the Bears are famous lately for bending and not breaking and giving up a lot of field goals.

Contain the run to the point where Grossman has to throw more than a dozen times.

Bring the occasional blitz to rattle Rex


Don't let Rex Grossman throw more than 10-12 times. Try to establish a clock-eating running game that keeps Peyton and co. off of the field for long spells of time.

Do not turn the ball over--the Colts score so frequently that any coughup can be costly.

Rex must protect the football when there is not a play downfield.

Allow the Colts to get their yards but don't break--you aren't going to shut them down completely, but just minimize the outcome.