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06-13-2003, 12:29 PM
Baalworship's Unofficial Pre-Season Power Rankings:

1. Tampa Bay Bucs - They're still the champs.

2.Tennessee Titans- Jeff Fisher and they've got a lot of young, improving players.

3.Pittsburgh Steelers- Best WR's in the NFL: Burress, Ward, and Randle-El

4.Atlanta Vick's- Michael has a WR this year.

5.KC Chiefs- IF Priest is healthy....

6.Buffalo Bills-Best FA & have young up and comers on both sides of the ball.

7.N England Region Patriots-Belichick's Defense will play better.

8.Miami Dolphins- They won't end the year here!

9.Oakland Raiders- This team QUIT in the SuperBowl way too early.

10.Philadelphia Eagles- McNabb, A Reid and weak division equals playoffs.

11. New Orlean Saints-Can be dangerous.

12.Chicago Bears- Kordell IS an upgrade. Will actually field a team this season.

13.New Jersey Jets- Coles for Conway? Bad idea.

14.Denver Broncos- I am a fan of Mike Shanahan but not Jake Plummer.

15.St Louis Rams- Someone has to win this division. Bulger will be starter by week 3.

16.NY Giants- Have decent everything. Will challenge Philly for division.

17.Green Bay Packers-The smoke and mirrors won't work this year.

18.Seattle Seahawks- I am grabbing a bunch of them in fantasy, not their defense!

19.San Diego Bolts- Threw off dead weight in Seau, won't be enough.

20.S Fran 49er's- Terrible division, Garcia is near end.

21.Indy Colts- They have been Dungified.

22.Baltimore Ravens- QB situation is shaky, I like everything else.

23.Jacksonville Jaguars- The Brunell thing will not help them. Should just trade him.

24.Deadskins- Patrick Ramsey WILL be a good NFL QB. Not this year.

25.Vikings-I had them at 18 but couldn't think of anything before the clock expired on my selection...

26.Browns- QB controversy coupled with lousy off-season equals disaster.

27.Silver and Black Panthers-Stephen Davis? Why???

28.Cowboys-Parcells needs a lot. Will be fun watching them rebuild again.

29.Lions-Matt Millen must go.

30.Texans- Will hang out down here for another year or so.

31. Bengals- I don't care who their coach is. They're still the Bengals. Palmer will be a bust.

32.Cardinals-Losing your franchise QB and David Boston? At least 5 people showed up last year. I think I was one of them but I can't remember, the game was so boring. You have no fan base and you're bringing out Emmitt's corpse? Congratulations. You are now officially the WORST NFL franchise.


The NFL is league of parity. The difference between #2 or #3 is negligible. I am basically saying the AFC East is up for grabs by all teams. If you want to criticize a team ranking please state "WHY" and post your own for comparison. This will help me because I am sincerely interested in keeping tabs on other teams. For example, you could say I disagree with the Packers low ranking because their defense will be improved with the additions of X, Y, Z and their young WR's will be much better.

06-13-2003, 03:07 PM
I like where you put the Bears. Everyone seems to forget taht this is a team that won 13 games 2 years ago with a lot of the same guys with Jim Miller at the helm- not Slash.

06-13-2003, 03:34 PM
Eddie: Good point. That's why I have them this high. They didn't ever field a team last year because of all the injuries. They also have a lot of talented, young receivers that should feast on some of the weak secondaries on their schedule.

Kordell is inconsistent as a passer but his legs should help improve the Bears O.

06-13-2003, 05:52 PM
Didn't the Bears just get Grossman? Not a fan of his but some people seem to like him.

I think Kordell quite sucks actually.
The season they went 13-2 they had some VERY good breaks come their way. I dunno, my friend is a Bears fan so I gotta make an arguement about it ;).

06-13-2003, 09:43 PM
The thing is, John Shupe reportedly is refusing to adjust the offense to Kordell's strengths. Also, he's failing to grasp the offense.

With Chris Chandler the backup, I'd be willing to bet that Grossman sees the field this year.

Obviously, I disagree with the Phins being ranked 3rd in the division.

06-13-2003, 10:28 PM
Why would any team go to the effort of acquiring Kordell Stewart and then not adapt the offence? Every fan in the league knows Kordell can't handle a "normal" offence. I'm not saying you're wrong, Muck, but if that's true it has to be a case of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing. The Bears deserve to finish last in their division if they can't get their act together regarding Stewart.

06-14-2003, 01:30 PM
It's true, he struggles with a normal offense. Couple that with the fact that Jim Miller said this week that Shupe's offense is one of the league's most verbose and that he won't change it for anything or cut down on the language for anything.