View Full Version : Cory Brewer was on FIRE!

02-11-2007, 01:16 PM
LMAO! :sidelol: Read this:


You're not going to believe this one. Joakim Noah literally had to cool down teammate Corey Brewer by slapping out flames on the backside of his pajamas last week in the dorm room the two share with fellow Florida juniors Al Horford and Taurean Green.

The scare, which Noah, Brewer and a few of the extended staff were chuckling about late Saturday night, occurred a week ago Wednesday, on the day the Gators played host to Vanderbilt. The incident wasn't publicized and Brewer was a bit surprised when asked about it as he walked toward the team bus.

"Who told you? Jo?" Brewer asked, laughing. "You remember the opening in the kitchen where you look through [to the living room]? Well, Jo's mom had come in and lit some candles to clean the place up and I didn't know. I was standing there and I felt my butt get hot.

"I looked behind me and I was on fire," said Brewer. "So, I was about to drop down when Jo hit me. He put the fire out and burned his hand."

Sure enough Noah has a burn mark about an inch long on the back of his right hand.

"I saved his life," said Noah, smiling through his response. "My mom had candles everywhere and Corey had these $5 pajamas on that he had never worn before. He just caught on fire. You should see it. He's got this hole on the back the size of four or five eggs. I was just hitting at it. Maybe that's the only way to slow him down."