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02-12-2007, 03:49 PM
Jamarcus Russell
Many needs could trade down. New coach probably won’t stay with Brooks or Walter for QB. Best player in Draft is Calvin Johnson and they will be getting rid of one if not both receivers (Moss, Porter). Russell may be the next Daunte Culpepper because of his great arm strength he can get along real well with Moss. I think they keep Moss and trade Porter if they can and draft Russell with the 1st overall pick.
Joe Thomas
Lions could use a QB here but Mike Martz feels he can turn any QB into a MVP type player (Kurt Warner). Brady Quinn should still be a top option for them but they I think they need to start somewhere else instead of investing another 4 years with a QB. Joe Thomas is probably the safest player to pick in this draft and whether or not Backus returns next year it will give the lions a great player to put on the line.
Adrian Peterson
Cleveland could also take a QB but Charlie Frye is a good enough QB and he’s got some young targets to throw to. The O-line is decent and with the addition of Lecharles Bentley last year now being healthy they could use a young running back to help take some pressure off of Frye. Adrian Peterson is the best running back in this draft class and an exciting player to watch.
Tampa Bay
Calvin Johnson
This is actually a tough pick just because Tampa Bay isn’t in dire need for a WR but at #4 it’s hard to pass on possibly the best player in the draft. They have Galloway who has returned to former self these past 2 season and Michael Clayton who played great his rookie season but struggled the past 2 because of injuries. They also have a young receiver in Maurice Stovall that could develop. However unless they decide to trade down I don’t think they can pass on Calvin Johnson.
Gaines Adams
Arizona has potentially one of the most high powered offense in the NFL. They do need help along the offensive line but unless Joe Thomas falls to #5 no O-lineman is worth taking. Maybe Levi Brown who had a great senior bowl but we will have to wait for the combine to see if he is worthy of a #5 pick. They also need help defensively and they can go anywhere with this pick but a good pass rusher will help. Gaines Adams can play opposite Bertrand Berry and then take his place when he leaves.
Alan Branch
It is clear that the Redskins cant stop the run and also clear that they will be choosing a D-Lineman with there first pick unless they decide to go BPA. Now it all depends on what they are looking for… do they want a run stopper or someone who can put pressure on the QB? Well the best combination of the two in my opinion would mean Alan Branch. However there next pick in the draft isn’t until the 5th round so they might want to look to trade down for more picks.
Dwayne Jarrett
OK the Vikings are a pretty balanced team. They seem to really like Tavaris Jackson but may still look at Brady Quinn if hes here. Chester Taylor proved he can be a starting running back. WR position lacks some and this is where I think they will draft. OL is possibly top 5 in the NFL. DL is very young… they have 3 former 1st round picks in there (Udeze, Williams, James). They have a good LB core and drafted Greenway last year who will hopefully be healthy this season, and The DB’s have played well. Now I think it’s a toss up between Ginn and Jarrett. Ginn is the fastest player in the draft but according to scouts his route running and hands are something to be worked on. Plus they already drafted a speedster a couple years ago in Troy Williamson. I think they go with the bigger, stronger, and probably overall better receiver in Jarrett.
LaRon Landry
Houston passed on Reggie Bush in last years draft so that they could build there “championship Defense”. Well lets see if they continue that trend. I mean they could definitely use some help defensively… and offensively. If Adrian Peterson falls I cant imagine them passing on him but I don’t see him falling. They addressed D-line and DeMeco Ryans proved to be a great pick at LB in the 2nd round. So maybe they go DB in this years draft? LaRon Landry is a hard hitting safety that has a nose for the ball and can give them a big 3 on defense with Williams and Ryans for many years.
Miami :dolphins:
Brady Quinn
Cam Cameron is a very offensive minded coach and I believe that’s where he will go in the draft (at least with the first pick). He had nothing to do with bringing in Daunte Culpepper and Harrington is most likely gone. Of course D-line might be an issue but we will probably re-sign holliday or traylor. Even if we don’t the phins have some young guys like Roth, Vickerson, Rod Wright, and Fred Evans who could step in. They could go with the speedster and possible game breaker in Ted Ginn or Levi Brown to anchor the left side of our O-line or Brady Quinn to take over if Culpepper fails and be the first QB taken by the Dolphins since a guy named Marino. If Quinn is still there when the Dolphins are picking I feel very confident we will be hearing his name as the 9th overall pick. If he isn’t there I think we go with Levi Brown.
Reggie Nelson
Petrino knows college players in the Big East… hmm who else besides Louisville is in the Big East? South Florida is right? Anyways I think that Atlanta is done wasting picks on 1st round WR’s but they may look at one to try and help give Vick another chance. Other than that they are set on offense. Defensively they are fine at D-line as long as Abraham stays healthy. Maybe take a DT and they have a couple young corners in Jimmy Williams and DeAngelo Hall. Lawyer Milloy is old and broken so they may want to take a safety here because even if Milloy is healthy, who is playing opposite him? Best choice would be Reggie Nelson.
San Francisco
Ted Ginn Jr.
Congratulations San Francisco you have made it out of the top 10 of the NFL draft! They could go almost anywhere with this pick but might as well take a chance on the explosive Ted Ginn to help give Alex Smith another target.
Levi Brown
Bills had a good draft last season especially on the defensive side of the ball. It looks like Losman is finally starting to come around for them but if they should probably protect him a little better. Well the last OT they took became a bust (Mike Williams). Maybe they go WR but if Ginn and Jarrett are gone they might just want to wait a round or two. I think McGahee would also appreciate the help up front as they go with Levi Brown.
St. Louis
Jamaal Anderson
The Rams have always had a great offense but there Defense has always been absent. They drafted Tye Hill to play corner for them last year and Claude Wroten to help out La’roi Glover in the middle. There LB’s are manageable. Safety and DE seem to be the most pressing needs on there Defense. Well according to the draft so far it looks like they missed out on the top 2 safeties but are surprised to see the great pass rusher in Jamaal Anderson still available. Makes a great pair of ends with Leonard Little.
Pat Willis
Carolinas problems mostly came from the offensive line this past season. They could use a guard and a tackle but at this point in the draft they would be reaching too much unless Levi Brown is available. Currently there starting LB core would be Thomas Davis, Dan Morgan, and Na’il Diggs. Now that’s not too bad but Morgan is always hurt and Diggs isn’t too impressive. They have had one of the best D-lines in the NFL for years now but they are having problems staying healthy and they are not getting any younger. Still I think they go with a LB and Pat Willis has been rising fast since the senior bowl.
Darrelle Revis
Pittsburgh has a punishing Defense and a young offense with potential. They don’t really have a major weakness so most likely they will take the best player available. They may grab another RB to keep Willie Parker fresh and eventually take over. I think that Darrelle Revis will impress at the combine and jump ahead of Leon Hall as the best corner in this years draft. So Pittsburgh goes with the hometown guy.
Green Bay
Marshawn Lynch
Favre is coming back to play one more season with the Packers. With Ahman Green probably gone they are left without a running back. I don’t see what Favre does to make him feel confident that he has a good team around him. The Packers are very thin at the WR position so they look to draft one. Marshawn Lynch is a tough runner and would probably be the best selection for the packers.
Lawrence Timmons
Jacksonville has an overall good team but just fell short of the playoffs in 2006. They can use some help at linebacker and safety. Nobody worth taking at safety available now so they go with Lawrence Timmons.
Amobi Okoye
The Bengals need help stopping the run. Amobi Okoye is the youngest player in the draft and is already a really good player. He still has plenty of room to grow and has probably not reached his full potential. Not to mention he is a very smart athlete, which most likely means he wont be getting into trouble.
Sidney Rice
Tennessee started off horribly in 2006 but finished strong with Vince Young leading his team just a game from the playoffs. With Drew Bennett becoming a free agent they will need to look for a receiver to help Vince out. There are many WR’s to choose from in this years draft. Sidney Rice has great hands and good size, so this is where I see him being drafted.
New York Giants
Kenny Irons
The Giants lost a good running back right at the peak of his career. Now the starter becomes Brandon Jacobs unless they sign someone through free agency or draft someone. There are some really intriguing RB’s available in free agency. Ahman Green is a good back as long as he stays healthy. Michael Turner played really well behind LT and shows he has potential to start for an NFL team. Rhodes comes off a big superbowl victory in which he ran for over 120 yards and could get his shot to start somewhere else. They also desperately need secondary help but after the top 4 or 5 RB’s it kind of drops off. Kenny Irons is a smaller back, kind of like tiki barber, and should give the giants a lightning and thunder rushing attack.
Dwayne Bowe
Denver has a talented team but could use some help at WR, OL, and Safety. None of them are big needs so they can choose from any of those with there first pick. Rod Smith is old and probably wont be around for another season after this one, which leaves Javon Walker starting alongside.. maybe Brandon Marshall? The Broncos will always have a good O-line but they are very thin at the position so they may look at someone like Ben Grubbs who has very high potential. Lynch is old and this may be his last season as well. I’m still kind of undecided on this pick but I am gonna say they go with someone who can give Jay Cutler some help.
Robert Meachem
Tony Romo is going to be the starting QB for the cowboys but I think he will lose his job sometime next season. The guy had a couple great games but finished poorly. He looked even worse in the pro bowl, I think he was the only QB to get sacked in the pro bowl. His favorite and only target that he actually throws to, T.O., is 33 and who knows what he might do to get himself suspended. Terry Glenn is 32 and the next best receiver on the team is Patrick crayton who is no better than a #3. They are going to need to get him some help so they go with Meachem.
Kansas City
Justin Blalock
First Willie Roaf and now Will Shields… poor Chiefs and poor Larry Johnson. Looks like they are going to have to start rebuilding that O-Line. I am sure they would also like a receiver here but unless one of the top 5 receivers slip then they can even consider taking one here. The Big guy from Texas is still there and could be then next Will Shields in Kansas City. Top
New England (from Seattle)
Leon Hall
Does it really matter who they draft, I mean there players always turn out good. They need secondary help with Asante Samuel and Randall Gay becoming Free Agents. Of course the patriots would be lucky enough to find Leon Hall still available at 24th.
New York Jets
Michael Bush
I don’t know how they did so well last season because looking at there team I can see so many places that they need to upgrade. Curtis Martin’s career is over and Leon Washington is not an every down back and Kevan Barlow… well hes just garbage. In last years draft they were trying to trade up to get Reggie Bush and this year is there opportunity to grab a different Bush and they don’t even have to trade up.
Michael Griffin
The Eagles desperately need help at Safety since Michael Lewis was benched this past season and is set to become a free agent. They may also look to add a linebacker but there are lots of them to choose from and could grab one in the 2nd or 3rd round. Michael Griffin is a hard hitting safety that would go along really well with Brian Dawkins. Nobody is going to want to run a pattern inside against these two.
New Orleans
DeMarcus Tyler
New Orleans made a great run and almost made it to the superbowl in Sean Payton’s first season as head coach. It’s really obvious that the saints need no help offensively so they look at Defense Early on. Now the trick is deciding what they will draft defensively. I think they go with a position to stop the run. A good player to choose would probably be “Tank” Tyler. This guy has good size and has gotten better each year in college.
New England
Paul Posluszny
The Patriots once again look to improve the defense since it doesn’t even matter who plays WR for them, because Brady will still be a beast. They will need some LB help since the entire LB core is in there 30’s. Paul Posluszny is still there, he was projected to be a top 10 pick before the season but has dropped some because it has appeared that he didn’t fully heal from his injury at the end of the 2005 season.
Aarron Sears
Baltimore needs some offensive line help because of all the injuries and the aging of some of there players like Ogden. They will look for someone with some versatility like Aaron Sears who can play both tackle and guard.
San Diego
Adam Carriker
San Diego needs some help on the Defensive line. They have a very good DT already but could use some help on the end in there 3-4 scheme. Adam Carriker is a perfect fit to be a DE in the chargers system.
Ben Grubbs
Chicago can use some help on the offensive line. They like to pound the ball and keep it out of Grossman’s hands. Cedric Benson will probably get more carries next season as he will eventually take over the starting job. Ben Grubbs played guard for the first time in his career moving from DT and his stock rose. He played great all season and is moving up fast. We will see how well he does at the combine and he could possibly move up further in the draft.
Buster Davis
Indy’s D stepped it up for the playoffs but struggled mightily during the season. They need help at LB and possibly Defensive End if Freeney leaves through free agency. Buster Davis is a good fit to replace Cato June because of his athleticism and ability to cover a lot of ground quickly.

Keep in mind that most of this will change after the combine and again after free agency. I was just bored and wanted to know what others thought about my mock draft.

02-12-2007, 04:01 PM
IMO looks like a pretty solid mock for the most part...

02-12-2007, 04:04 PM
Houston passing on Quinn for a safety....

By the way someone please do a mock for me where Oakland goes for Calvin Johnson instead and the Bucs are third pick.

It gets really weird, almost to the point where the Bucs are going to take a massive reach or they are "forced" into taking a QB.

02-12-2007, 04:09 PM
i dont think that the buccs will go with a QB but i wouldnt be suprised at all to see the buccs trade down. I gave my reason for why i think that the texans will go with landry.. i dont necessarily agree with it but thats what i think they will do.

SR 7
02-12-2007, 04:12 PM
thing is, Mueller has said that he doesnt pick a lineman to anchor the LT unless he is the very first guy on the LT spot. he doesnt take that risk with them.

02-12-2007, 04:20 PM
thing is, Mueller has said that he doesnt pick a lineman to anchor the LT unless he is the very first guy on the LT spot. he doesnt take that risk with them.

What does that have to do with drafting Brady Quinn?

02-12-2007, 05:36 PM
What does that have to do with drafting Brady Quinn?

I think he is giving a reason why Miami might not go with a linemen (Whether Brady is there or not).

02-12-2007, 05:42 PM
Anderson lasting all the way until 13?

02-12-2007, 05:44 PM
thing is, Mueller has said that he doesnt pick a lineman to anchor the LT unless he is the very first guy on the LT spot. he doesnt take that risk with them.

Thank the lord, no need to reach for an offensive lineman in the position we are in. Let's get a skill player 1st rd

02-12-2007, 05:45 PM
TAKE PAUL POZLUZNY hes got speed power and hits hard look let zach thomas train him and turn him into one of the niggest LB out there :italy: :allhail:

02-12-2007, 05:57 PM
I like Poz as well, but #9 is way way to early for him man, atleast IMO...

02-12-2007, 06:05 PM
Overall a pretty good mock draft but i doubt that four running backs go in the first round.

02-12-2007, 06:53 PM
Overall a pretty good mock draft but i doubt that four running backs go in the first round.

your probably right. im sure that some of the teams taking RB's in the first round could wait til the 2nd or maybe even the 3rd for a good back. Like the jets could probably still grab Michael Bush in the 2nd because they have a really early pick.

02-12-2007, 06:57 PM
Solid draft IMO

02-12-2007, 07:45 PM
Looking again, I think that's way too high for Buster davis and Grubbs too. Also too low for Carriker.

02-12-2007, 07:48 PM
Love our pick, but....Michael Bush in the 1st round???