View Full Version : Waiting in Line Horror Stories?

02-17-2007, 01:12 AM
Do any of you want to share what you went through to get your new wii, ps3, or xbox 360? I skipped a day and a half of school to get mine and I was waiting outdoors in weather at about 5-15 degrees. I had like two sleeping bags, three blankets, a **** load of layers.. and after the whole thing i smelled like a giant cheese covered sock... but dammit i GOT MY PS3!!!:D Both mornings we woke up with frost covering our whole bodies and had people drive by constantly staring and even some guys who were like "hey you stupid gamers, go get a life, im gonna go get me some (insert female body part here)" If i wasnt trying to stay so warm and if they hadnt of had security cameras i wouldve thrown my shoulder into him with all of my 210 pounds behind it. Haha, the whole experience was actually pretty fun, i was there with my three other friends and the 4 other guys there were real cool about stuff, they even let me leave for an hour and a half for my football banquet!! Thanks alot guys! Never have i felt a sense of accomplishment the same as the day that i was walking up to the back of target with a card that had my playstation 3 reserved and ready to be bought...

02-18-2007, 02:27 PM
i have a story for when i got halo 2

i got to this store at like 10.00 to wait until the midnight release and i wait there get the game at like 1.00 cause im like number 200 something on the line. get home all hyped up to play it and my xbox controllers are missing. i started freaking out and punched a whole in the wall and i never found those controllers to this day. i had to go out the the next morning and go buy one

02-18-2007, 02:36 PM
haha... nice.. i used to get so worked up over the game dino crisis for playstation 1 that i used to throw stuff haha, friggin capcom and their damn puzzles.... you need a passcode for the 6000th time!!! you must backtrack for two hours before you can find it!! have fun!! oh btw... the dinosaurs respawn... dont run out of ammo.