View Full Version : NFL combine more crucial than ever

02-21-2007, 08:57 PM
With the brief NFL "offseason" quickly drawing to a close, teams are preparing for the scouting combine. The world champion Indianapolis Colts get a break because it's always in Indianapolis, saving the Colts the trouble of another plane ride.

How important is the combine? Like everything else in the NFL, it has become big business and a bigger deal than ever for the nearly 300 future millionaires who will get tested, poked, prodded, and questioned again and again by 32 teams all desperate to win now.

Players can improve their draft stock and in some cases, hurt it. But this week is only one piece of the 52-part year-round process of discovering NFL talent.

Controversy emerges every year as many stars refuse to participate in some of the throwing, running, catching, and lifting drills, preferring to perform at their "pro days" on campus closer to the draft, when many of them have had a chance to work out more diligently and shed some of the postseason pounds.

Two elements of the combine remain crucial — medical exams and interviews. Teams are able to gleen first-hand medical information on top prospects that is distributed league-wide. Everybody has the same MRI's in their files.

Personal interviews can be even more important because head coaches and position coaches get to know players face-to-face for the first time and ask questions pertinent to particular situations, such as "Could you share a locker room with Terrell Owens?"


02-22-2007, 10:09 AM
Even thought its measuring stick as a patriot fan we have seen bill get #1 picks which were greatly critized and of guys who did not have the best numbers.

then the turn out to be game changing players. so it will be more of the same for us .low performed combine players in the draft.