View Full Version : Deion Sanders & Jamie Dukes on NFL Total Access. (I ain't ever been to jail!!!)

03-03-2007, 12:33 AM
Deion and Jamie were having a debate about a potential 3 strike rule in the NFL, due to all the recent delinquency among NFL players. So Deion goes on and asks Dukes, and I'll paraphrase, "Well what dictates a strike, because I've been arrested a couple times?" Deion continues that he was arrested for "parking tickets and such." So to grasp Deion's point, getting arrested is sometimes okay? I mean seriously, who gets arrested for parking tickets? You made/make millions a year, you can't pay traffic fines? You can't obey the law? You can't not break the law? And it just reminded me of Chris Rocks' brilliant rant, and the point: "You're not SUPPOSED to get arrested!" You don't get rewarded for not going to jail...and going to jail a little bit, for little things is not okay...what kind of mentality is this? So anyway, this annoyed me and speaks volumes coming from a future hall of famer about the mentality of many players in this league. Don't break the law, its not THAT hard. And if you do it three times, for any reason, you probably should not be in the league any longer.:fire: