View Full Version : What's our salary cap situation after the cuts?/ How much $$$ are we under the cap?

Cuban B
03-06-2007, 12:40 AM
:confused: OK ya'll -- we we're about $15 million under the cap to begin with. After the signing of TE David Martin and all the cuts and trades we've made, what's our cap situation looking like now? Anyone keeping track of the stuff?

These guys are gone:

Wes Welker
Joey Harrington
Randy McMichael
Kevin Carter
Sammy Morris
Darian Barnes
Jeno James
Seth McKinney
Joey Harrington
Kevin Vickerson
Damion McIntosh
Dan Wilkinson

Free Agents we probably won't re-sign:

Keith Traylor
Jeff Zgonina
David Bowens

Possible Cuts:

Olinda Mare

I like the Joey Porter, Dante Stallworth, and Jay Feeley visits a lot.

Let's go and be "aggressively patient!" :rolleyes:

03-06-2007, 12:49 AM

Joey - 0.982
Jeno - 1.548
Seth - 3.215
Bennie - 1.515
McMichael - 0.907
Carter - 2.365
Dan - 1.548

Total is $12.08 million, but shouldn't it be a lot higher since a many of these players did not receive their roster/player bonuses.

Dunno how close this is, but I'm pretty sure we're between $23~$30 million in cap space.