View Full Version : Anyone else watch "Elimination" on TNN?

06-22-2003, 05:41 PM
Where the asians compete and it's dubbed in by some american cast..

Like last night they had "Pole Jumping" I believe it was, and the casting crew were making comments like "Yeah, he had a hold of the head but slid right down the shaft!".

It's freaking hilarious.

Hopefully I'm not the only person who has seen this :lol:

06-22-2003, 07:00 PM
That show is great, it looks like some of them go through some brutal things yo.

06-22-2003, 07:31 PM
Yeah man that show is great... my two favorite events are the log drop and the rock jumping... Some of those people get owned... And they have a smile on their faces the entire time! And the American voice overs are classic, esp when they do their little 'war cry' right before they compete.... Its full name is the "Most Extreme Elimination Challenge" and its on TNN, or Spike TV, or whatever it is now.. Defin. check it out..

06-22-2003, 08:09 PM
It's on right now and I'm about to cry I'm laughing so hard.

I'm glad I found this show :lol: :lol: