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Cool! Looks like rumble is planned for the PS3 version.... hhhmmmmmmmmmm.

God of War on PS3 ("God of War 3" unconfirmed):
Franchise will be in 1080p with SixAxis (motion) and vibration (http://www.joystiq.com/2007/03/07/sony-continues-to-tease-gamers-with-ps3-rumble-aspirations/) functions
Barlog on PSN support: "We do want to have support for the network platform -- I think it's huge. And I'm looking at a lot of stuff right now that if I do end up doing anything with 3, I want to utilize that."
Barlog on co-op: "Does co-op have a place in God of War? If we can do something unique with it, yeah, but it is really an early exploration of that in my head really. It's not even a discussion with the team. We're not even moving on to do the game yet. I'm thinking how can we incorporate this without damaging what happens in the game -- without having it feel silly -- where it's just like 'we threw two Kratoses in there and now you can run around through the world.' It's gotta be something more than that. It's gotta have a true purpose, kinda like Four Swords."
Barlog on episodic content: "I think the game's way too big. There are too many art assets. We're talking like a gig and a half, two gig download for one episode. It's too much. And this isn't a dig on people that are doing episodic content ... but I question people's willingness to wait. I think in order for it to work, you gotta have four episodes in the can, and then release them two months apart or a month apart ... I don't know if it's viable for this game."
Barlog on embracing 'Game 3.0 (http://www.joystiq.com/2007/03/07/joystiq-and-engadget-live-at-sonys-2007-gdc-keynote/)': "User created levels for God of War -- I don't think it's a realistic proposition. We don't design levels with a level editor the way that like Unreal and Doom -- they have their own editors ... there isn't much possibility of user created stuff for God of War."

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Rumble is old-gen technology :lol:

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Rumble is old-gen technology :lol:funny how that's a notable feature now.

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funny how that's a notable feature now.

It's funny. I love the rumble. If I'm playing without rumble, I notice it, and I don't like it. I'm so use to it that I can't play without it anymore.

Odd, no?

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I think it was dumb for them to leave rumble out of the PS3. I honestly don't think it'll hurt sales, but like sony said, "it's last-gen technology". Last-gen stuff should be a given this time around.