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03-13-2007, 06:34 PM

Hello everyone. I recently was linked to this site http://www.gamingphreak.com/2007/01/17/how-to-win-in-gears-of-war-online-an-introduction. After reading their multiplayer strategy guide, I nearly threw up. Not only is it filled with lots of crappy information, but it tells you that you need to be host and it leaves out any form of strategy. Well I’m coming to the rescue here with my own guide. So why trust my guide you ask? Well don’t trust it. Read it, try some of the stuff out, and see if it works. I know it works for me and I win 95% of the games I play, and I always play on the opposite team of the host (most of the time without friends on my team), and against a team of stacked players. I also plan on making a video breakdown of all the stuff I mention in this thread. I know a lot of people liked my Perfect Dark Video Walkthroughs so I hope they will like my GOW (although it will be for multiplayer and not single player http://www.finheaven.com/images/imported/2007/03/emotion4-1.gif) one.

Host Advantage

Yes, this game does hold a host advantage. But rather then telling you to only host matches, I think Ill explain it and tell you the benefits of host and how to counter them. Host advantage is when the Host player has a not so great to bad connection. This is actually the case for 80% of matches played online. To get in a game with no host advantage (an 8 player match that is), the host usually needs a really good connection. 800kbps upload or higher. The truth is, most people who host games have >400 kbps internet speeds. This essentially gives them an advantage because their bullets and movements will be 100% accurate, while the rest of the players will be slightly delayed. The game does this to give you the allusion of a lag free match, when there is in fact lag. You can test how bad the lag is in a game by using your shotgun and shooting it as you poke out to the right of a corner and then moving back behind the wall. You can observe if the bullets hit the wall in front of you or actually make it out past the corner. I hope this was explained well. It will be easier to understand once you see a video.

With that being said, the solution is not to host matches only, or keep quitting until you join a match were the host has a good connection. The solution is to adjust your strategy and find a way to take down the host. The most important thing to know is that the host will most likely out shotgun you if he has an advantage. Don’t think "But I can kill anyone" and run out there with your shotgun. It’s time to take strategy into effect. You don’t need to be the best at aiming to win a match.. Your best chance at victory is a melee attack. Work the corners, make him come to you (that does not mean camp, it just means don’t run into his face and get blow away). Get in a tight spot where if he has only 1 shot to kill you. Switch to your pistol or other melee weapon (not the shotgun) or even the chainsaw as a last resort. You should be in a position where when he gets a shot on you, he MUST down or kill you in that 1 hit, or else he will get smacked. If the host has a sniper, and knows how to play the game, he will most likely NEVER miss. This means you have to be aware of his position at all times. If your fighting in canals lets say, then make sure you know where he his before you engage in combat with his teammates. Ask your allies for help in locating the sniper (a reason voice communication is key and will be talked about later). If Its down to a one on one with the host and he has a sniper, don’t run out into his sights. Try and get him to fire and do what you can in the short tie it takes to reload. Always fire from the left hand side of a corner (more on this later). If you have a sniper youself, instead of trying to out snipe him, wait for him to take shots and miss, then take your shot. (You will get a better view of this once I make the video). Also, Never try to out pistol or out lancer a host, even if hes standing still. His bullets will do more damage and down you faster, even if your getting all headshots.

Thanks 007CRAFT http://forums.xbox.com/10033954/ShowPost.aspx