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06-28-2003, 11:22 PM
So I'm sitting here watching the local news right now when they show a story about the Miss Florida contest. The winner represents FLA in Miss America.

Anyway, I'm belting out the obligatory "I'd hit it" for each fine chick. And they keep showing this one girl in particular (who I'd hit :) ). Then they stop talking for a sec.....and that girl busts out with, "Hi, my name is ***** ******* and I'm Miss Palm Beach County". I'm like, "OMG!! No wonder I'd hit it.....she grew up two doors down from me!! I've been trying to hit that since 1st grade!!" :tongue:

Just thought I'd share. :)

06-29-2003, 12:38 AM

Prime Time
06-29-2003, 01:23 AM