View Full Version : Atlanta trades up

CC Coach
03-21-2007, 05:15 PM
Now that Atlanta has an extra 2nd round pick it is seems likely that they trade up with Oakland or Detroit to draft local Tech WR Johnson.
Their WRs stink so Calvin Johnson seems to be the choice.
Oakland/Detroit would get Atlanta 1st pick(#8) and their 2nd round pick.
Then would Miami trade up to Cleveland to get Quinn?

03-21-2007, 05:18 PM
It would cost more than swapping 1st's and their 2nd.

03-21-2007, 05:22 PM
I think they will stay where they are and take the guy they have always wanted... Landry

CC Coach
03-21-2007, 05:38 PM
If Atlanta doesn't trade up, they will pick Landry.
Landry could go to Minny at #7.