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03-22-2007, 02:29 AM
Randy Mueller wants to stock pile draft picks and hes been doing a pretty good job at that (Was hopin for something, anything for randy mcmike but oh well)... Fins might have an amazing situation arising.. Imagine this.. Its draft day, Fins pick is up, Brady Quinn is off the board (I personally want the guy but Lions or Browns are in the way) but look whos surprisingly still on the board... Adrian Peterson and although the Fins dont need a RB, they do have the Texans drafting next who would love the opportunity to get a steal in Peterson after screwing up and not drafting Bush last year.

Miami will have many teams in need of a running backs at their feet!! Teams like the Bills, Packers, Titans, Patriots, and the Jets could all be trying to outbid eachother for Peterson who is an insane back and many will say to not bid on Peterson and just get Lynch, but Lynch and Peterson are on 2 different levels. The only problem to this scenario besides Peterson obviously being picked by a team like the Browns is if a trade scenario occurs before the Fins pick. But IMO, teams would rather trade down with the Fins than a team like the Browns bc it would cost them less as a 3rd pick has a much higher value than a 9th...

Imagine the Packers 16th pick in round 1, and 47th pick in the 2nd round.
Or because the Pats have been lovin our guys so much lately, the Pats take Peterson in exchange for their 2 1st rounders (not likely but wow thatd be crazy)
We can pickup Levi Brown in the 1st, Ryan Khalil or Ben Grubbs, Sydney Rice and Aaron Rouse with our 2nd rounders.. Just ideas

03-22-2007, 02:34 AM
I have always been a big fan of AP, but if he is there when we pick at #9, I would take the full 15 minutes to listen to all offers and then work out a trade down and get extra picks....I would love to pick a little later in the first and grab Adam Carriker of Nebraska, and then we could maybe get an extra 2nd or a 3rd pick for trading places, depending on which team we deal with.