View Full Version : Anyone Seen The New Evanescence Video??

06-29-2003, 02:23 AM
It's for a song called "Going Under". It's really cool. Kinda evil. :up:

I gotta admit, I wasn't crazy about the first single (Bring Me To Life). I guess cuz it got so overplayed. But this new song is really, really good. The chorus is just hypnotic. By the end of that chorus, you'll have fallen in love with Amy Lee's voice.

If you wanna see the video, go or right-click here (save target as). (http://muck.finheaven.com/MuckStuff/evanescence_going5150_dl.mov)

For just the mp3 itself, choose this one. (http://muck.finheaven.com/MuckStuff/Evanescence%20-%20Going%20Under.mp3)