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06-30-2003, 05:21 PM
PLEASE KEEP THIS AROUND A LITTLE WHILE AS I SEE MANY INTERESTED. I am a die-hard Madden player. I am always betting my friends and playing for$$. i made three major bets last year and won them all. two were $500 wagers and the third wager i won all expenses paid week to Tokyo, Japan to corner a Pride fighter at a championship fight, so i have the credentials to help you with any madden decisions.first off let me tell you that i have owned every video game system ever produced and almost every version of madden.
i currently have a pc, dreamcast, Ps2, gamecube, and xbox. last year i actually had 4 versions of the madden game.

i downloaded pc version- it was the worst version and ran "buggy", no spec problems as i run windows Xp on a AMD athlon 2000+ processor have 1024 mb ddr ram, geforce titanium 4600 - 128 mb ddr ram video card and i still had problems as the game will play on almost any pc so its not very impressive, rarely played pc version, WORST OF BUNCH

the ps2 version is what all my friends play, so I got that one for making wagers so there was no excuse factor ever involved and the gameplay is solid, except the AI is the weakest of the consoles and it is much easier to throw bombs on the ps2 than the other consoles, thereby creating high scoring and little defense. this was frustrating to a better player like myself because it kind of leveled the playing field. the online play last year was a complete nightmare: to many bad connects because high and low speed users, people quitting, serious lag issues, poorly thought out. couldnt really stand to play on the PS2 network, very ANNOYING!!! hopefully it will improve this year. internet adapter $40.00, online play free,however next year Madden 2005 will cost at least $9.95 a month to play on your PS2. worst console version last year, but only one online. if you dont have a group of people around you to play with, i would suggest purchase of a used PS2 [around $120], and hope the online play is greatly improved like its supposed to be.

the gamecube is my portable system, and being a great multiplayer game, i had to get this version. we played this all the time on roadtrips, i have a flipup screen and set it up in my car. took this to japan and played there. i thought this version was superior to Ps2 because of a much tougher AI. Dbs reacted to the ball better and scoring was more realistic. Probably had the best AI of any system making the Dolphins a very tough team. i was the best at this version and never seemed to lose because opponents couldnt just throw a bomb and score, you had to grind it out and pick your chances to throw deep. recommend this version if you go on roadtrips, makes any drive fly by. you can pick up a used cube for $99 and screen for about another 50 bucks.

finally to the xbox version. this was the last one i purchased because i had all the others. once i played it, i pretty much stopped playing the others. The GRAPHICS AND SOUND ARE BY FAR THE BEST ON THE XBOX. the other systems cant come close to comparing. playing Madden in 5.1 sound absolutely rocks. you hear the stadium noise all around you and it creates an atmosphere nothing else can give. Sound is something that is very under-rated and if you have a 5.1 sound receiver your decision should already be made. I have component tv hookups for all three and the XBOX version WAS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS.
graphics were far superior and the AI had a nice balance {although the cube still had a slight edge here}, altogether the best version. I also hooked up to my brother-in-laws HDTV forget about it!!! Absolutely breathtaking. that totally sucks xbox and EA are arguing and wont put the game online or it would be a complete no-brainer. XBOX LIVE is by far the best online gaming out there, everyone high speed, everyone voice communicator, very solid gaming community. It is the finheaven of online gaming, simply the best. so if you have friends that play, have 5.1 sound system, or HDTV, the XBOX version is definitely what you want. EA will have no choice but to reverse their decision next yeaR OR lose a lot of customers. several people ive talked to are boycotting EA games until this is sorted out. i for one would never do this, but am intrigued by other xbox football games that offer online leagues and tournies. online cost $50 per year price will not raise anytime soon. first year gets you a free headset and game included i got tetris worlds with mine.

You cant really go wrong with any, but XBOX wins easily. for people complaining about controllers, have you even played with the newer version or just the old original clunker. you can also buy an adapter to plug any controller into any system[example PS2 controller into xbox] on Ebay for about $8. I hope this helps everyone out. look for me on XBOX live name UNCLEMONTY, currently playing MOTOGP2. game is awesome!!! BTW CHAMBERS IS AN ABSOLUTE BEAST IN MADDEN 2003, use him. On defense when using Miami run the 4-3 defense, fire man, and use an outside LB as your player, I guarantee you become a much better player and shock people that used to beat you!!!!!!

06-30-2003, 05:30 PM
Played Madden online but then I bought this little game called socom US Navy Seals about a year ago..........now it's the only game I play unless company is over than I'll break out Madden

06-30-2003, 05:35 PM
Thanks , Now all I need is some money and I'll be set.:(

06-30-2003, 06:55 PM
I think you just forfeited your NCAA eligibility.

07-12-2003, 04:24 PM
Im fine with PC cause its the most advanced as far as online play is concerned, its easy to do, and all u need is a ps2-like controller and you are set...im hoping they get rid of the subscription to EASO though, that ticks me off...

07-12-2003, 06:10 PM
nice review unclemonty :D

07-12-2003, 10:46 PM
thx angrydolphins appreciate the compliment. you wont be angry after this year lol. seriously work on the 4-3 fire man defense using one of the outside LB and tell me how much you improve . trust me it works awesome

07-13-2003, 10:41 AM
I played my friend like 25 times and he only beat me 2 times..I dont think I should make it harder for him. :D