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07-01-2003, 12:46 PM
While I know that most of you aren't really interested in cycling I thought I'd still make sure everyon knew that the most grueling event in all of (major) sports is about to launch this coming Saturday. If you didn't know already, the event about which I'm writing is the Tour de France; the greatest, most storied bike race in the history of cycling.

This one is not only special for the fact that, well, it is "The Tour" but it's also Lance "The Human Machine" Armstrong's attempt to go for a record tying 5th consecutive victory (it's only been done once before) and he'll be doing this as The Tour celebrates its 100th anniversary.

The entire Tour will be broadcast live on OLN TV around 11pm PST and will be rebroadcast some time during the day when it'll be a bit more watchable.

For those of you who've never watched a Tour de France and who have never really ridden bikes other than around the neighborhood when you were a kid, I have a suggestion for your: Go to your local gym, get on a stationary bike, set it at its highest setting, and ride as hard as you can for 15 minutes and see how you fee. Once you've done that, imagine doing that every day of the week for two weeks straight, up steep mountain roads, surrounded by hundreds of other guys all crowding around you. It should give you a new appreciation for what's going on in that peleton' (the large group of riders.)

I hope someone else around here decides to watch this event and if so, let me know your thoughts.

GO LANCE!!!! :surf:

07-01-2003, 05:07 PM
Lance Armstrong is an incredible athlete. I find cycling to be boring but the Tour de France is definitely an event that requires a lot of strength and endurance. I hope Lance can win it again.