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03-30-2007, 07:30 PM
There are several positions of need for the Dolphins. While I would categorize the offensive side of the ball as the highest priority, some of the front 7 of our defense is getting old, and we are in need of a shutdown corner. With that in mind, these are the priorities heading into this year's draft:

Offensive priorities
1. A QB to groom for the future: No, this is not the highest priority for winning this year, however without a future good to great QB, our chances of winning a SB in the next 5 years are low. It all starts with the QB and while some teams have won without a great QB (Ravens are a great example), that is the exception rather than the rule. When drafting a QB, you can draft the best QB for your system and teach him the right way, not as much bad habits or baggage. Think of the Qbs for the greatest teams in the last 25 years or for that matter, in history (Montana, Bradshaw, Aikman, Elway, Brady). All of them from their rookie year were with the same franchise.

2. Overhaul of OL: No offense is successful without a good OL which protects the QB and opens holes for the RBs. As I see it, we are particularly in need of both a LT and a C.

3. A Playmaking WR: I don't believe we have that yet on our offense. While CC and Booker are both good receivers, IMO neither of them is a true #1 that other teams have to game plan for. We need a WR that tends to require safety help (i.e. double cover) and can open up the middle of the field for CC in the slot or our RB/TEs.

Defensive priorities:

1. Shutdown CB: IMO we don't have a #1 shutdown corner. With such a Corner our defense could compete with Baltimore's as the best in the league this year. We gave up way too many big plays last year in passing defense and it was fairly pourous even though the stats don't show it due to our great front 7 pressure.

2. Youth in the front 7: The key to any 3-4 defense is LB play and 3 of our 4 LBs are 30+. While they may be effective for the next 2-3 years, the Dolphins need to start thinking about youth as by the time we may be ready offensively to challenge for a SB our defensive stars might be leaving the league.

Special team priorities:

1. Great PR/KR: This is more of a want than a great need, however if we could pick up someone who could change our field position or that opponents need to game plan for, that is always a good plus.

Let's now assume we will not trade up or down. It is hard enough figuring which players will be available at any one position in the draft without taking into account changing picks.

While Quinn would be my choice at #9 if he were there, I just don't think it will happen. In fact, I doubt he gets out of the top 4. As such, I think our possible choices would be on Defense (Carriker, Okoye, Branch, possibly Landry, Willis, Hall, Revis) and on offense (possibly Peterson, Ginn, Levi Brown, Staley).

While the OL would be our greatest priority after a QB, IMO neither Brown nor Staley are worth the #9 pick. I am not sure that Brown has the quickness to go against some of the better pass rushers in the league and if you are picking at #9, you better get a shutdown LT. As for Staley, I think he has the potential, but based on the competition he has played against, it gets hard to evaluate. I also think it would take him a year or more to be ready. As such, I would not pick either of them at the #9 spot. I think they are both worth of a pick in the 15-25 range.

While I think defensively any of the above picks maybe worth the #9 pick, although I have my reservations about Branch, IMO there is one offensive/defensive pick that could potentially solve multiple issues for the Dolphins. That prospect is Ginn.

Most people are projecting him as a WR/KR/PR. However, remember that while he played that at Ohio St, he was coming out of high school the USA Today Defensive player of the year as a DB. IMO he could play the shutdown corner position for us while being a KR/PR and a third down flanker receiver. It is a lot to put on one player, but I believe Ginn can do it. This would solve multiple issues for the Dolphins. Ginn has spectacular speed and football quickness. His ability to change directions on a dime and his hip movement is incredible. His hands are very good and I would not want to be a QB throwing into someone who is faster and may have better hands than any of my receivers. Furthermore, offensively we would need him the most on obvious throwing situations where he could open up the field for some of our other receivers. I would only use him in those types of situations offensively as I would worry about him getting tired otherwise (i.e. third down and 3 or more, 2 minute drills, etc).

For the #40 pick, I would love to have Staley, but I don't think he will be there. I would use it on a T prospect as good Guard and Center prospects can be had later in the draft. The most likely option would be Ugoh. I think he has all the tools, but his desire has been questioned (by others, I don't have any info on this respect).

With our second second rounder, I would like to take a QB to groom. Yes, I know it won't be Quinn, but I am hoping that out of Stanton, Edwards, Kolb, and Beck our coaching staff can choose the one that they think will be best. Maybe it won't be a great QB, but SBs can be won with good QBs and who knows, Brady was a sixth rounder after all. Maybe we will be surprised. Of all these QBs I like Edwards the best. He is the hardest to judge based on injuries both to him and to his OL and WRs at Stanford. However, he seems to have a good arm, quick release, good strength and mobility. Intangibles are always hard to pick up on, hopefully he has those too.

With pick #71, I would like to take another OL, a center or someone to play center Alleman, Satele, Fry. Whoever is available, I would trust our coaching staff to draft the best. I will go with Alleman for now.

After this pick, it gets really hard to choose. I will try and choose players who I think will be available at the Dolphins draft position. Thus, my choices are as follows:

1. Ginn
2. Ugoh
2a. Edwards
3. Alleman
4. Scott (GT CB)
6. Stephenson (Rutgers OG)
7. Xavier Jackson (Missouri DE)
7a. Taylor (Georgia ILB)

Comments?? I am particularly interested in comments with regards to Ginn and Edwards.

PSU Cane
03-30-2007, 10:15 PM
#9 is too high for Ginn, especially with the depth at WR in the 1st round of this draft.

Ugoh sucks. His technique is awful and good pass rushers abused him all year, especially in the all star practices. He's NOT the answer for us at LT and he would be a wasted pick in my opinion.

SF Dolphin Fan
03-30-2007, 11:56 PM
Well thought out post. I hadn't considered the idea of moving Ginn to corner. That is intriguing. He has electric talent, but I really think #9 is too high for him. Overall, I like the direction of your draft and your thinking. I believe if Miami stays at #9 that the best player will be on defense. I really like the idea of Okoye as you'd have outside pass rushers in Taylor and Porter and pressure up the middle with Okoye. That would be really tough on any offense and would somewhat offset an ordinary secondary. Then the bulk of the rest of the draft should go to offense. Edwards is interesting as well.

04-01-2007, 08:51 AM
if we can't pick quinn, edwards seem in cameron like QB mould, (pretty accurate in the pocket).

04-01-2007, 09:50 AM
How bout Alan Branch or Adam Carriker?Both good choices