View Full Version : Remember Joe Delaney

07-05-2003, 02:15 AM
I first heard about him about 10 years ago when I checked out a library book of true sports heroes...this past year I was writing a paper about something and I further researched his story to use in the assignment. With people like Joe Delaney few and far between, it seems that referring to most professional athletes as heroes is wrong.

To sum it up, this 24 year old talented Kansas City Chief running back heard 3 boys around the age of 10-11 screaming for help as they fell into a body of water 20 feet deep left over from a construction site. Delaney jumped in, and did not know how to swim, he pulled one boy to safety before drowning with the others.

Even though this happened about a year before I was born, every time i hear a kid refer to someone on the playing field now as their hero, i always compare them to Joe Delaney...99 percent dont make the cut...

Remember Joe Delaney...

"Anyway, the point is, next time you're reading the sports section and you're about half-sick of DUIs and beaten wives, put it down for a second and remember Joe Delaney, who, in that splinter of a moment, when a hero was needed, didn't stop to ask why. "
-Rick Reilly, SI writer