View Full Version : Kobe Bryant Charged With Felony Sexual Assault

07-06-2003, 08:20 PM
I placed it here first so it gets seen (moved).

Didn't see this one coming. I wonder who this chick is??

LINKAGE (http://www.9news.com/storyfull.asp?id=16173)

07-06-2003, 10:49 PM
..with a grain of salt, at least until the facts come out.

07-06-2003, 11:26 PM
Yup. Me too. Sounds like greed and opportunity. Seems like a good guy.

07-07-2003, 01:04 AM
This is about as out of character for someone as I've ever heard. I highly doubt this is true, however, I will wait until all the facts are in before I decide what to believe one way or the other.

07-07-2003, 02:36 AM
The MAILMAN'S agent just reported on Salt Lake News that the Glove has agreed to join the Lakers...

07-07-2003, 03:24 PM
The lakers have been trying to sign the glove this offseason and the mailman. This has nothing to do with the arrest.

Prime Time
07-07-2003, 10:34 PM
I doubt Kobe did this. That is one thing that I have always hated about pro sports....if you want to have your relationships with whoever you better make sure they are the right type of people or stuff like this could happen.

07-07-2003, 11:56 PM
Original take by ronnie_augs
...This has nothing to do with the arrest.

As we'll all soon find out, neither does Kobe...

07-08-2003, 01:00 AM
Kobe is a great guy with such a great character. I could understand someone like Rasheed Wallace doing something like this, but Kobe.. no way. If the facts come out and point to Kobe, I'd be EXTREMELY surprised. As much as many people hate Kobe, he is a very classy and high-character guy. No way he did this.