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04-12-2007, 11:55 PM
Well, two more weeks until the big weekend. This is going to be my last mock. Assume that we don't match St. Louis' offers.

Round 1 - OT Joe Staley Central Michigan

He could very well be our left tackle of thr future. Heck, he could even be a guard. I mean, we have Hudson Houck. We ended up having OT Joe Toledo, a tackle who also used to be a tight end, play guard. But wherever we put him, he is sure to make an impact. He is an intelligent lineman with a lot of agility and quickness, one time running a 4.7 in the forty. He'll need to get stronger, but with his frame, he should be able to do so.

Round 2a - DE Anthony Spencer Purdue

Jason Taylor, as great as he is, is not getting any younger. And with David Bowens no longer with this team, we need a defensive end that could play the open end spot and also fluidly play as an outside linebacker when called upon to do so. Anthony Spencer can provide that. He can penetrate the back field, seek out QB's, and is very rangy. With tutelage from Jason Taylor as well as other vets on the team, he could be an excellent replacement when the dreaded day of JT's retirement comes.

Round 2b - OT/OG Arron Sears Tennessee

He's large, strong, athletic smart and can play either OT or OG. He had an outstanding season against top notch talent last year as well.

Round 3 - QB Troy Smith Ohio State

Okay, so he had ONE bad game. But other than his questionable relationship with his teammate as well as some character concerns, there's really isn't any cons with him (except maybe his height). He has a strong and accurate arm, he can throw on the run and can tuck run, though he only runs when he has to. And let's not forget: He didn't win the Heisman Trophy winner for no reason.

Round 4 - NT Paul Soliai Utah

I'm still trying to fathom why this school wasn't named Nose Tackle U. I mean, come on! They practically produce nose tackles. And Paul Soliai is no different. I mean, this guy looks like he is from The Rock's family tree (think Cheif Pete Maivia, if you will). He overly large, crazy athletic, and take on two blockers.

Round 6a - WR Yamon Figurs Kansas State

Speed. Speed. Speed. That is something that is valued on offense. And Yamon Figurs has plenty of it. He can play specials teams as both a returner or gunner. Basically, he's the broke man Ted Ginn, Jr.

Round 6b - CB Courtney Brown Cal Poly

But of course, speed is not only valued on offense. Courtney Brown has a lot of what you look for in a corner. He has shutdown speed, amazing leaping ability along with his already above average height (6'1.375"). He has ball skills, and a lot of upside. Worst case scenario? A headhunting special teams gunner. Best case scenario? Shutdown corner.

Round 7a - P Adam Podlesh Maryland

He has more than a great leg. He is very fast, very athletic, very strong, and has no problem going from punter to gunner and 3.3 seconds.

Round 7b - DT Walter Thomas Northwest Mississippi Community College

He's very athletic despite being 6'4.5" and is 374 lbs. He's be a great big body on the inside.

Round 7c - RB Ramonce Taylor Texas College

He'd be a great change of pace pack, being more of the shifty, turn the corner type runner.

Elliott 1
04-13-2007, 12:42 AM
Podlesh was the best punter at the combine; He definitely will NOT be there in the seventh. He probably goes in the fifth round and so will Sepulveda so our guys need to get aggressive and make a move to get a late fourth round pick so a couple of these teams with extra comp picks don't just snatch the two good punters. Pittsburgh and New England have more picks than they know what to do with.

I would trade Daunte to Oakland for a fifth. My second choice would be Booker to Indy for their fourth. Third choice, Renaldo Hill to San Diego for a fourth.

Nr. 54
04-13-2007, 02:23 AM
Staley at 9? The Fins better trade down to grap him or they should draft Brown, Branch, Hall, Willis or Landry (because Quinn won´t be there)

04-13-2007, 08:30 AM
troy smith would be an absolute wasted pick...on day 1 and i think, even day 2....