View Full Version : Fins need to look to the future

04-14-2007, 11:49 PM
IMO if we get to the #9 pick and there is not a franchise QB, Landry, or Okoye left for us to take I would suggest Miami do the smart thing and move down in the 1st round. Now realize that while we night not covet the #9 spot with our needs there are other teams that need a DE(Denver), running back(Buffalo).... that would like to move up. My suggestion is that if we cannot get the QB we want in the 1st nor a strong LT we should try to gain picks for the 2008 draft. Why in the heck would we want to do this some might ask? Very simply teams looking to this draft will give up more in future value than they would this year. A 2nd round pick next year is not deemed as vaulable as a 2nd round pick this year, BUT when you get to the 2008 draft and have added an extra 2nd/3rd round pick it gives you the abillity to move up.

Next draft will have several strong QB's like Brohm, Brennan, Henne, Woodson, and Booty along with Jake Long at LT, McFadden at RB along with Slaton. Having extra picks in a very strong draft will put us in better position to get a top QB without reaching like this year, and the cost might be moving down 3-4 spots in the 1st and a few spots in the 2nd. I think it is well worth it, and will only help to build our team through the draft with solid picks.

04-15-2007, 12:45 AM
I like that idea, except for the fact that we dont know where this team will finish this year. Right now we are at 9, and we still would have to give up our 2nd most likely to grab that qb we covet. Next year, say we are drafting 16, its going to take alot more to grab that qb. The thing is, I want us to grab the qb we think will fit this team the best. I want the number 1 guy that Mueller and Cam feel they want, not just fall back on our number 2, or number 3 qb on our board. We are close enough now to grab quinn if we really want him. Giving up our 2nd for a qb that could possibly be the franchise qb this team has been searching for is well worth it. Heck, we traded a 2nd for feeley (basically a late first), and for Cpep as well. If the FO is assured that Quinn fits the bill, then pull the trigger. thats just my 2 cents though.