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04-17-2007, 05:30 AM
If we want to grab Quinn, there are two scenarios that could unfold that will affect our chances of grabbing him and how we will do so. These are simply 1) the Raiders take Jamarcus Russell and 2) the Raiders take Calvin Johnson.

Scenario 1) The Raiders take Russell. Here the Lions will be looking for trade partners and may find one in the Bucs who are high on Calvin Johnson. However, with Russell off the board, Cleveland picking next will almost certainly take Quinn. The Browns owner has been pushing Savage, Crennel and co. to draft a franchise quarterback now and Quinn would be a perfect fit if Russell is already gone. The local boy will raise attendance, fan interest, and likely the number of wins that the woeful Browns earn each year. Therefore it is integral that we trade up with the Lions in order to get in front of the Browns and snatch Quinn. Getting Quinn in this scenario hinges on our ability to beat out the Bucs for that No. 2 spot. It will definitely take one of our second rounders and maybe even a pick next year, but if it gets us our man then I’m all for it. Sure we could risk Cleveland not taking him, but to me it seems that as long as Russell is off the board the Browns will take Quinn- my one and only draft guarantee.

1) Oakland- J.Russell
2) Miami (Traded up with Detroit)- B. Quinn
3) Cleveland- Johnson/Thomas/Peterson
Etc etc.

Scenario 2) The Raiders take Johnson. The Lions will still be looking for trade partners here but will probably have to stay put with Johnson off the board and two qb’s still available. I have them taking Joe Thomas in this scenario with a chance of Gaines Adams and an even slighter chance of taking one of the qb’s. The Browns would then take the better physical prospect at qb in Jamarcus Russell. The Bucs may try and trade out but will probably have to stay put and take either Gaines Adams or Joe Thomas depending on whose available. The Cardinals have their franchise qb and so will probably look to defence. Now to the Redskins. Make no mistake the Redskins would love to trade down to gather more picks and will probably field many offers. The two most likely to be accepted however, are the Dolphins (trying to grab Quinn from Minnesota) and the Falcons (trying to grab Landry from Minnesota). Just as in scenario 1) where our ability to get Quinn hinges on our ability to beat the Bucs for the No. 2 spot, here it hinges on our ability to beat the Falcons for the No. 6 spot. The reason being that, with Landry off the board if the Falcons trade up to 6, then Minnesota will almost certainly take Quinn at 7. We could risk them taking Peterson, but I can’t see it happening if Quinn falls right into their laps at pick 7. It may take our late second rounder or maybe more in this scenario depending on how much the pick-loaded Falcons offer for that No. 6 spot, but again I think it would be well-worth it to finally grab a franchise quarterback in the draft instead of re-using other teams trash.

1) Oakland- C. Johnson
2) Detroit- J. Thomas/G. Adams
3) Cleveland- J. Russell
4) Tampa Bay- J. Thomas/G. Adams
5) Arizona- Branch/Okoye/Anderson
6) Miami (Traded up with Washington)- B. Quinn
7) Minnesota- L. Landry
8) Atlanta- A. Peterson
9) Redskins- Branch/Okoye/Anderson
Etc. etc.

Well there it is, that’s the way I see it, feel free to rip me or provide any comments. Also just another thought to pass the time away before the draft. How about letting Cleveland make the trade for Trent Green?? Could cool their interest for a qb and allow either Russell, Quinn or both to slip?? The issue of Green’s preference for Miami may arise but still just thought I’d throw that in there…

04-17-2007, 07:02 AM
Don't count out a team like the Broncos or Pats trading up ahead of of either.

04-17-2007, 07:23 AM
Don't count out a team like the Broncos or Pats trading up ahead of of either.

Who would the Broncos trade up for?