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04-17-2007, 12:00 PM

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Q&A with Notre Dame QB Brady Quinn

Talk of draft stock sliding no concern for confident Quinn

By Eric Edholm
April 14, 2007

Brady Quinn has ridden the roller coaster of a breakout junior season through an up-and-down senior season that saw him win national awards and also be called out for his lack of great performances in the biggest games, despite his team allowing more than 40 points each game in losses to Michigan, USC and LSU, in Quinn’s final game, in the Sugar Bowl.

He now prepares for the draft, having campaigned to be the No. 1 pick, or if not, playing for the Browns, the team he grew up watching, wouldn’t be bad, either. Many feel that if he’s not taken in the top three picks, he could face a Matt Leinart-esque slide to the bottom of, or possibly even out of, the top 10.

Quinn has been promoting his Draft Day coverage for Sprint, for whom he’ll interact with fans on the big day, and he took a few minutes to talk with PFW about a variety of subjects, including preparing for the draft amid talk he’s slipping, throwing passes to supermodels, his dancing exploits and cheating — see below — with Bo Jackson and the Raiders on Tecmo Bowl.

PFW: How was that burrito? (Minutes before calling, a P.R. representative called PFW to say that Quinn was just finishing his lunch — a burrito.)

B.Q.: Oh, dude! I can’t explain to you how much I needed that Chipotle burrito.

PFW: I almost went there today for lunch, but I got busy.