View Full Version : Tricky animated GIF request ... will pay big FH bucks!

04-17-2007, 04:04 PM
This idea came to me in the night, but it's a tricky project. Appropriately, I'm willing to pay a nice FH$ sum for someone who willing and able to pull it off.

In the original Star Trek episode "Miri," Kirk has a line toward the end when he's facing off against some alien children.

The line is "No BLAH BLAH BLAH!"

I don't know if any of our fine merchants has the capability, but I can see a grab of those few episode frames with the caption "No BLAH BLAH BLAH!" underneath being wildly useful on the boards.

There you have it. Let me know if it's doable.

EDIT: The line is actually "No BLAH BLAH BLAH," not "No more BLAH BLAH BLAH." I just wanted to make sure and correct that, since obviously everyone's jumping on this one. :lol: