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07-10-2003, 08:39 PM
NFC coach ratings for job security. Again, just my ratings by divisions on what coaches are facing in 2003.
Ratings are 1-5
1-As secure as it gets
2-No real worries
3- Owner: “Did we pick the right guy”?
4- The playoffs might-just might- save your job
5-Break out the resume

NFC East

Andy Reid (PHL)- In one of the “golden eras” for a coach. Built this team as a model to give other franchises hope. Rating-1

Jim Fassel (NYG)- The seat is always as hot as August for Fassel. Another playoff debacle, or worse, no playoff spot at all, and its over for Fassel. In a New York Minute. Rating-3.5

Steve Spurrier (WAS)- Working for Snyder puts any coach on shaky ground. Surely even King Danny I isn’t foolish enough not to give Spurrier a 4-5 year run. If not, the only coach he will get will be Tony Damatto. Rating- a shaky 2

Bill Parcells (DAL)- The Tuna can do no wrong this season. Expectations are always high for Parcells, so many a-player will change before he is done. Rating-1

NFC North

Mike Sherman (GB)- Having the stigma of being the only Packers coach to lose a playoff game is the only tarnish that Sherman has on a shinny coaching stint. Rating- 1.5

Dick Jauron (CHI)-16 road games, 4 victories. Has a Cane vs. Able relationship with the GM. Nothing short of a Super Bowl victory will fix this situation. Rating-5

Mike Tice (MIN)- Win Ratio replaces the Randy Ratio. Has this season to put Humpty Dumpty back together again or his tenure will get the Viking Funeral Treatment. Rating- 4

Steve Mariucci (DET)- He will outlast the GM, thats for sure. Rating-1

NFC South

Jon Gruden (TB)- 1 season. 1 Super Bowl victory. Nothing else needs to be said. Rating-1

Dan Reeves (ATL)-How much does Reeves have left? With Vicks rocket climbing, Reeves can stay as long as the Falcons continue to go deeper into the playoffs. A deep drop could start a replay of Elway/Reeves. Rating-3

Jon Fox (CAR)- Has the defense, now has to take the next step in the win department. Improvement will solidify his spot (naturally). Rating-1.5

Jim Haslett (NO)-The talent level that the Saints have is worth more then 9 wins. They Beat Tampa....twice. Has to do more with this team. Rating- 3.5

NFC West

Mike Holmgren (SEA)- Last chance to stay among the elite ranked coaches. No playoffs, and the head Seahawk gets his wings clipped. Green Bay probably looks real good right about now. Rating-4.5

Dennis Erickson (SF)- 44-36 or 31-33. That should tell you all about the security factor here. As long as Walsh is in the shadows watching, lease, don’t buy. Rating-3

Mike Martz (STL)- Martz needs to start taking control. Fast. Another 7 win year will make it hard to not say the Super Bowl victory was indeed all Dick Vermeil. Rating-3

Dave McGinnis (ARZ)- A tough job just go alot tougher. The players just won’t stay playing for the Cards. Regardless, if a big name coach becomes available, then McGinnis is done. Rating-5

Chisel Monkey
07-10-2003, 08:48 PM
Andy Reid is a 1 only if I'm a 10 (to women), He's slipped the last couple of years. And they have only lost talent. The only way he keeps his job is if the Eagles win the big Dance or Loose it on a fluke. if they don't make the NFC champ. game he's toast. I'd bet dollars to doughnuts!!!