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04-19-2007, 02:52 PM
Last week I proposed my first mock draft, which had us trading down with Denver and pick the following players below. Today, I have revised that mock, as it starting to appear that Miami just might stay at the #9 spot.

Mock Draft w/Trade Down v.1
1(21) - Joe Staley (LT) (Trade down w/Denver)
2a(40) - Ryan Kalil (C)
2b(56) - Drew Stanton (QB) (From Denver)
2c(60) - Josh Beekman (LG)
3a(70) - Jonathan Wade (CB) (From Denver)
3b(71) - Quinn Pitcock (DT)
4(108) - David Clowney (WR)
6a(181) - Chris Henry (RB)
6b(198) - Kevin Boss (TE)
7a(218) - Chase Johnson (OL) or BPA
7b(238) - Dustin Fry (OL) or BPA

Denver needs an elite (DE) and trading down would allow Denver to get Jamaal Anderson (DE) at the #9 position. Based on the Draft Value Chart, Miami would get Denver's 1st(21), 2nd(56) and 3rd(70) round picks (Denver has two 3rd round picks). Adding these players would solidify our offensive line for years and add much needed depth at other positions.

Revised Mock Draft v.2
1(9) - Brady Quinn (QB)
2a(40) - Ryan Kalil (C)
2b(60) - Josh Beekman (LG)
3a(71) - Jonathan Wade (CB)
4(108) - Ryan Harris (LT)
6a(181) - Kevin Boss (TE)
6b(199) - Tyrone Moss (RB)
7a(218) - Prescott Burgess (LB) or BPA
7b(225) - Chase Johnson (OL) or BPA
7c(238) - Roy Hall (WR) or BPA

Any thoughts on my updated/revised mock draft?

04-19-2007, 03:12 PM
I like the trade down scenario.

Vertical Limit
04-19-2007, 03:13 PM
Joe Staley won't be there at 21 IMO.

04-19-2007, 04:04 PM
Miami would take a LT over C or G position for OL. There are more interior OL's in this draft that can be had in rounds 3-5 but not so with LT's.

RB is indeed a "need" position for Miami, I look for Fins to find a gem in round 3.