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04-26-2007, 04:17 PM
Year after year our luck seems to get worse from most recent with the D.Culpepper acquisition over D.Bress to as far back as picking Sammie Smith over the NFL All-time rushing leader Emmit Smith. We must face the facts I love the Dolphins, I feel for guys like Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas who give their heart for this organization but lets face the facts we haven't been to the playoffs in 5 seasons and probably won't make it this season as well just being realistic. Since Shula retired we have been living off of past glory, we had stop-gap coaches (i.e. Johnson, Wanstache, and the other guy who gets no credit) who never did what needed to be done which is not retool or rebuild but destroy I personally like Cameron but if he doesn't figures it out, he too will end up with the same fate. We've had an open wound since guys like Marino, Webb, Sims, Clayton & Duper left that we tried to band-aid up to no avail wasting the prime years of our stars Thomas and Taylor. We acquire other people junk thinking we are a player or two away but it goes deeper than personel. Let me state once again I bleed aqua & orange but its time for a change a real change not a cover-up and where does it start how about getting rid of that old tired-@ss song they play everytime we score a touchdown when was the last time "your talking Dolphins your talking Superbowl" in '84, time for and upgrade. Next I think our uniforms and logo need some tweaking I love FinHeaven logo more than the real one way more tougher and fresh. I think as far as front office goes Cameron,Capers, & Mueller are fine but with a insider source everyone else seems to be stuck in the '70s dont get me wrong I love our history but in a "what have you done for me lately" losing the Superbowl in '84 was over 20 years ago won't get it done. I remember when the Patriots were the laughing stock of the league oh how times have changed. It's nice that we are renovating the stadium with the big screen TV's and making it look all fancy but what about renovating the team. So now we sit at #9 with in my opinion a chance to land either a franchise QB-Quinn, WR-Johnson, or LT-Thomas but we all know they will not be there at our pick so what do we do its easy TRADE-UP you can have as many picks as you like but I rather have 1 great player who will be here for the next 10 plus years than 3 or 4 good or average players who might or might not last 4 seasons. Look what Denver did last year they knew Plummer won't get them to the promise land so they pulled there balls out and made the deal to get Cutler now they dont have to worry about that position for 10 years when will we do the same?????

The Aqua Crush
04-26-2007, 05:03 PM
Bang on except, several of our players weren't drafted that high up. Taylor , Thomas for instance, if our person isn't there at 9 trade down and get more 1/2 rounders that will be quality guys for years to come, thats how you win, you can't win with just one person. Trading up is what part of our problem, we need as many first day picks as we can get to upgrade the youth and overall movement of this team. If we trade up to get quinn were sacraficing our future on someone who isn't proven.